Post-pandemic UK: Car Trip Ideas

April 13, 2021

Even now the pandemic is nearing what we have to hope is its tail end, the idea of going on holiday still seems like a far-off dream. It seems unlikely that international travel will be on the table any time soon – and if it is, it looks like it will be subject to its own set of complex rules and regulations and quarantine requirements.

Luckily, the UK is a beautiful country on its own. From the Peak District to the New Forest, we’re overflowing with stunning landscapes and each corner of the isle is dotted with ancient monuments and historic sites to explore. So to keep the covid blues at bay and give you something to plan for, we’ve put together a few ideas for day trips you can do in the car – and don’t worry, if money is a bit tight at the moment you can buy one day car insurance.

  1. A trip to Barnard Castle

A trip here should be first on your agenda – first and foremost because you must make sure your eyesight is up to driving elsewhere. Safety first. This is a beautiful castle ruins with a rich, interesting history, and did inadvertently become one of the stars of 2020. Start off your post-pandemic travels by paying homage to one of its funniest moments, while also enjoying this genuinely gorgeous site.

  1. Beaulieu & Burley

These two New Forest villages have a lot to offer. Beaulieu has a fascinating car and transport museum (so definitely an appropriate place to drive to) which is well worth visiting for a few hours and is a lovely village in itself. Nearby Burley is a ‘witching’ village with a long and twisting history of magic, witchcraft, and strange goings-on where you can buy all your potion supplies and spellbooks. Driving between the two places will be a wonderful opportunity to take in the gorgeous New Forest landscape and hopefully see a few wild ponies along the way.

  1. The Lake District

Overflowing with picturesque villages, ribbon lakes, and rugged mountains, it’s difficult to find a more dramatic and awe-inspiring landscape in England than the Lake District. A beautiful place to go for a drive due to the stunning vistas and secluded roads, this place is enjoyable no matter the weather. It’s also an excellent place to go with a car so you can access the more remote hiking starting points.

  1. Cornwall

Famous the world over for its intriguing history of elves, pirates, smugglers, and ghosts, it’s impossible not to be taken in by Cornwall’s quirky people and sense of individuality – not to mention the stunning landscapes and sweeping beaches. This is a county filled with charm and, more to the point, an unending map of winding and wandering country roads you can enjoy exploring all day long.

  1. The Chilterns

If you’re looking for something as quintessentially English as you can find, then head right on down to the Chilterns and enjoy driving around the charming villages and towns of South Oxfordshire, have a picnic by the Thames – and don’t forget the multiple Viking Tombs and anglo-Saxon sites rife in this part of the country.

If the idea of a summer confined to the isles was starting to get you down – never fear. It might seem a little dull and safe because it’s home, but once you start looking you will quickly realize that England has more than enough beautiful places to enjoy driving around and exploring. Hopefully one day soon we’ll all be exploring far flung corners of other continents again and scratching that travel itch – but for now, it’s time to enjoy the beauties of home.