Reasons the iPod Nano is the Perfect Travel Companion

September 11, 2015

Traveling can be a life-changing experience. It opens your eyes and it teaches you so much not only about the world around you, but about your inner self as well. What is it that makes the iPod Nano the perfect travel companion, though? Why is it that you should really invest in this device once you embark on a journey? Here are some of the most popular reasons out there:

It’s an (almost) unlimited source of music

There’s truly nothing to affect a human being more than music. With or without lyrics, music has the immense power of moving us, of energizing us and of painting stories without being specific about the characters’ names. An iPod Nano will provide you with tons of space to store your favorite music when you’re away from home – and that’s already reason enough to invest in such a device.


It will remind you of home 

Speaking of being away from home, if you are the kind of traveler who is on the road for extended periods of time, you will most likely experience homesickness (at some level or another at least). And when that time comes and you cannot call anyone, an iPod will be your best friend. Bring your “home-y” music with you and it will feel like you’re cuddling under your blankets back home.

It’s inexpensive for how much it offers

You may think paying money for a device that plays music is not an actually smart idea. But here’s the thing: an iPod is more than “just” music. It will make your life easier and more pleasant. It will add a “soundtrack” to your traveling life. It will enhance your experiences regardless of where you go or what you may do. And if you add this to the fact that you can basically store huge amounts of music for any mood, an iPod really feels like a great investment.


It’s great when you’re alone, an even greater when you’re with friends

An iPod can help you when you are traveling long-distance and you are bored. Considering it has a long battery life (longer than if you would use your phone for the same purpose), it can actually be a great companion even if you fly from one part of the world to the other.

What’s more, an iPod can be a great companion when you are making friends as well. You don’t need more than snacks, drinks and good music to turn a party on – and an iPod can take care at least of the last part. Load it with the best music from back home and bring it with you when you want to throw a “house party” while away from home. People will instantly love you for being “the one who brought the music”!

Small, versatile and with a lot of functionalities (including playing videos!), an iPod Nano is a great gift for yourself if you plan on becoming a “serious” world-trekker. And there’s really no reason in the world not to love this “magic” little “box”!