Reasons to Renovate Your Floors This Summer

June 29, 2020

Summertime seems to have crept up on up quickly this year we’re all deserving some sun, ice cream, beaches, a tan and…wasps.

While for many of us summer is the best month, there’s ways you can take advantage of it from your home too, even if you’re  thinking there’s no way you want to spending time indoors when the weather is so lush.

Despite all this, summer provides us with endless opportunities to improve your home. This is mainly because summer has much more natural light than at any other point in the year and you’ve got more hours in the day to work on your home. Take advantage of the light peering through the window and create a vibrant and uplifting vibe.

If spending a fortune on a new floor doesn’t sound too good right now then do not worry, there’s always an affordable alternative – laminate. It may seem silly to invest in a new floor for summer when it only really lasts three months, but you can enjoy laminate’s benefits all year round.

Laminate flooring features a multi-layer design, featuring a durable central layer with a printed layer and transparent layer at the top. This allows more flexibility in terms of design, offering many more styles than even wood. This means that you can add a whole new level of vibrancy to your room, just in time for the summer sun! White laminate flooring works a treat, presenting a distinctive wood grain that will allow a light flow across the room.

However for those of you who a enjoy a slightly more authentic feel, light oak laminate is a fantastic alternative. It offers the unmatched charm of real oak while having all the benefits of laminate.

Not only does laminate look great, but also offers brilliant maintenance and practicality benefits. For instance, going for a walk in the park with your pet is the best way to enjoy the summer sun, but your flooring might not think so! Laminate is scratch resistant thanks to the top layer, so you shouldn’t have any concerns if you do have pets with claws.

Another benefit is how easy it is to keep clean. Compared to wood floors, especially with all the time spent out doors in summer. Sand and debris will be easy to sweep off and grubby shoe marks can be mopped away without worry. This means you can enjoy many more years of your laminate flooring looking new out of the showroom, making the most of your money!

This can of course be done in various ways, from as little as getting new curtains to a full house renovation.