Sales Process – Hook, Story, Close

March 29, 2019


Most sales reps are so excited about whatever it is that they’re selling that they get bogged down in the features and benefits of their product. Instead of talking about the customer’s needs, they end up talking about them and their company.

Most people like talking about themselves. That’s why your ultimate goal on a sales call is to get the prospect to talk.

Not only will that build an emotion connection and rapport, it will give you invaluable information on how to sell to them when it come time to pitch.

Throwing a bunch of features and benefits at your sales leads is not what’s going to drive the sale or close the account. You want to give them just enough of a hook to get them to share their story. Then you tell them a story that relates. Then you close.

The Hook

The hook is all about getting their attention. You only have a split second to get their attention and by the next 30 seconds of their time. If you don’t get their attention right away, you will lose them forever.

The best way to get a hook into your prospect it’s the name drop other clients that you’ve worked with who they will recognize. This is called establishing credibility.

By naming competitors, partners, companies that are leaders in their industry, or former employers you are establishing that you are a known player in the market and it buys you a few more seconds of their attention.

The Story

Give them just enough of an introduction, framework and hook to start asking them questions. The goal here is the get them to talk.

Once you explain the theme of what you’re selling, let whatever is on the top of mind for them emerge. Whatever they say next is the pain their currently living in and problem they’re trying to solve.

Bingo. That’s what you’re looking for. You want them to share their story of a problem that you can solve for them. Without a problem, you got no sale, no matter how great you communicate your offerings.

Next, paint a story about your business and how you’ve helped other people like them with the same problem solve it and achieve a specific outcome.

There is strong scientific evidence to suggest that people respond overwhelmingly more to stories than they do features, benefits and listing off of data and statistics. We are wired for stories.


The close doesn’t always mean you get them to give you money. If this is a cold call, you are trying to close them on scheduling an appointment with you.

If this is a sales pitch, you’re trying to close them on a demo. If it’s a demo, you’re trying to close them on giving you a credit card number.

Never try to close a sales on the first call. That’s presumptuous and will back fire.

Did you ask your wife to marry you the first time you met? Of course not. The same goes for your clients.

The close is whatever the next step is in your sales process.

Your sales process does not have to be complex or even long. But it does need these elements if you want to bring in new business.

You have to have a hook to get their attention. You have to get them to share their story of their problems. Then you have to share a story of how you solved their problem. And you have to continue to close the next step in the process until they give you money.

Where the Process Starts:

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