Saving Money When Travelling to Nepal

June 25, 2014

As one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world, it’s no wonder that Nepal has long been a favourite destination for international adventurers. As any seasoned traveller will tell you, adventuring doesn’t come cheap. So, if you want to have the time of your life in awe-inspiring Nepal, here are some handy hints to help you save money.

Try a Tour

Tours aren’t always the first thought in people’s minds when they consider the vast, unspoilt terrain of rural Nepal. A tour can actually be a brilliant way to see both the country and save money. Some operators offer such a thing as a shoestring tour, which is specifically designed for people who are trying to watch their pennies. Don’t worry though, these budget trips usually try to include as many fun activities and beautiful locations as they can.


Consider Your Currency

Currency can be changed at many of the larger entry points in Nepal but you may experience difficulty at some of the smaller points, such as Birgunj. It’s probably best to also come in bearing one of the seven major world currencies, to make changing your money a little easier.

Be Practical with Purchases

Nepal is a vast place and the people who travel there are usually those who want to experience as much of this beautiful country as possible. Therefore, it’s not recommended that you burden yourself with souvenirs and trinkets before you’ve even left the airport. Be sensible about your purchases – only buy what you know you will make use of during your time in the country and leave all souvenir shopping and present buying until the end of your stay. If you come across an item that you really can’t bear to leave behind, you could always consider the possibility of having it shipped back to your home address ahead of your return.


Take in a Trek

To truly be as conservative with your money as possible, why not try a traditional Nepalese treks? Nepal is well-known for the sublime beauty of its landscapes and trekking, as a major tourist pastime which is both fun and free. There are many Nepalese treks which you can try, including:

  • Langtan Region Treks
  • Everest Region Treks
  • Annapurna Region Treks

There are also some treks for which you will need a permit and qualified guide, such as the 33 ‘Trekking Peaks’. If you want to have a go at these adventures it’s best to factor all costs into your budget, as attempting to climb without essentials could land you in hot water with local officials, or result in injury.