SEO Marketing Strategies For the Travel Industry

December 07, 2016

Today, more travelers than ever are turning to the internet to plan their vacations and trips. This is excellent news for travel brands who primarily use digital marketing to promote special offers and destination ideas, but as with anything online these days, it doesn’t come without competition.

This is why you need to strategically use SEO techniques to augment your travel site’s ranking on the major search engines and increase the chances that a potential traveler finds it. The strategies presented here should be of some help:

Include Beautiful Images Throughout Your Website

Your travel website needs to be rich in attractive photos of travel destinations, nature, and places to stay. If you do a quick perusal of any of the most popular travel websites, you should quickly see how they use effectively these kinds of images to make booking a trip with them more visually and emotionally appealing.


Make Your Website Multilingual

Not everyone speaks English, meaning those from foreign nations are going to be searching online in their native language. This is a great marketing opportunity for you, because a majority of travel websites are currently not multilingual. Therefore, making your website multilingual will give you an advantage that your competitors may not have because you’ll be tapping into a marketplace that’s been largely ignored.

Use Social Media

This one may seem obvious, but it’s still worth discussing. If you don’t have pages for your website set up on social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram yet, get on that. Then, learn how you can use these outlets to increase general awareness about your brand,

You simply cannot afford to ignore social media marketing, because it gives you the chance to reach out to people that you otherwise couldn’t have. Tips to follow with social media marketing include updating your content on a consistent basis, engaging with users in the comments section, and to join likeminded communities such as relevant Facebook groups.

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Market On Travel Search Engines

There are some search engines that are dedicated just to travel, and they have a respectable number of followers. As with social media, this is an opportunity that you simply cannot skip over.

Examples of travel search engines include Kayak and Travelocity. They are to the travel industry as shopping search engines are to business sites. Focus a part of your SEO campaign on ranking highly in these search engines, and your website is bound to get more traffic.

Analyze Your SEO Marketing Campaign

Finally, SEO website analysis tools will be the only surefire way of knowing how effective your SEO marketing efforts have been. These tools will tell you what keywords to rank for, which specific keywords visitors have used to get to your website, and which specific parts of your SEO campaign need to be improved.

SEO For The Travel Industry

The online travel industry is huge, with hundreds of millions of searches per month. If you can use SEO techniques to maximize your website’s presence online, you’ll only naturally receive more traffic and increase sales.