Six ways to save money online

June 08, 2015

One of the easiest ways to stay out of debt and maintain an enjoyable lifestyle is to spend wisely. And thankfully, since the advent of the internet there are now many ways for the consumer to take advantage of some great offers that retailers use to entice us to use their products.

So if you’re interested in keeping the bills low and snapping up a few bargains, then check out these six easy ways to save money online.

Instore vs online


Retailers frequently take advantage of the lower overheads of running an online operation to offer lower prices online compared to in a retail outlet. So if you happen to spot a desirable product in a store, always quickly check the price online first before buying, as the price will frequently be lower in the digital domain.

Free trial offers


One of the advantages of using online services is that there is now a greatly increased range of competitors to choose from. And as a result of this, many services will now feature a free trial period so that users can sample the product and see whether it’s right for them.

This can be witnessed on sites like Netflix that frequently offer consumers a one month free trial period to watch films and television.



There has also been a trend amongst online retailers to release limited coupons for various products. Sites like CouponCraze are a great place to search for any coupons that are related to any product that you are seeking. And if you use the Google Chrome browser, then the Honey extension will automatically search for any discount or promotional codes for the desired product.

Social networking


Many retailers have been quick to realise the immense marketing potential offered by social networks. As a result, many will primarily advertise offers on Facebook and Twitter in order to satisfy fans of their products. That’s why it’s important to ‘like’ any product that you repeatedly buy so as to snap up any limited offers before they sell out.

Price comparison


A whole new market has emerged for price comparison firms who use robots to search dozens of similar sites in order to find the cheapest price for a product. Sites like Froogle allow you to quickly type in the name of a product and instantly check the best offers currently available.

Patience is a virtue


Another key thing to remember in the digital domain is that nothing stays the same for long. So if you aren’t currently able to find any special offers on your desired product, then check back a few days later as retailers will always be keen to maximise on those loyal customers who regularly frequent their sites by providing sudden sales.