Space Saving Packing hacks

May 12, 2016

The summer is upon us and that means one thing, summer holidays are coming.

If you are going on a really long summer holiday it can be tempting to bring the kitchen sink with you. Not to worry because with a bit of careful planning and packing you can fit tons into your trusty suitcase and still have room leftover for souvenirs.

Here are a few space-saving packing hacks to help you out this summer.


First things first, know what you want to pack. I would highly recommend you have a packing list. Think about what you will need, write it down and tick it off as you pack it. This will help you not to over pack.

One thing I have learned on my travels is: if you roll up your clothes instead of folding them it will undoubtedly save you heaps of space. Another cheeky and obvious way to save some space while traveling is to wear your bulkiest items the day your traveling. Now I’m not saying you need to look like the Michelin man, however if you have heavy shoes or a heavy coat wear these items instead of packing them.

Make use of all empty space like the inside of your shoes. Fill these with smaller items like socks, jewellery, cosmetics basically whatever you can fit in.

For any woman who likes to travel with their old faithful cosmetics, will know packing these can be a pain. To avoid distressing breakages simply put cotton pads inside your make-up compacts and they will act as a cushion to prevent breakage in transit.


Here’s a tip for all the men traveling with smart shirts. You can insert your belt into the shirts collar to keep it stiff in transit.

In order to avoid unwanted messy explosions in your suitcases, make sure you cover all bottles of liquid with plastic wrap before putting the top on.

If you are going interrailing this summer and have bought too many souvenirs along the way, one option is to simply send a box home. Buying a box is cheap enough in any country or you can bring a flat packed one with you in your suitcase. You can use websites like Shiply to get free quotes from transport providers who are making similar journeys. This will free up extra space in your suitcase and save you money on heavy luggage