Staying Fit and Fabulous on a Florida Holiday

March 12, 2015

Whether you’re hanging out in Florida on a short vacation or you plan to stay for a little longer, you just have to take one glance at the honed and toned bodies on Miami Beach to develop a serious case of physique envy. Although it might be one of the most tempting destinations in the world for fast food, the good news is, if you’ve decided to take on the flab and battle your love handles, there are plenty of effective options for toning up on your Florida holidays. Here are some of the most fun.


Horse riding

If you want to tone your thighs, strengthen your core, improve your balance and become more flexible, you might be surprised to learn it can be done through saddling up and riding off into the sunset. Visit the Jesse Williams Ranch for a fun family fitness activity, and afterwards, stretch your legs and check out the wildlife, from the traditional hens and goats to the not-so-traditional monkeys and alligators! Keep yourself comfortable by investing in a good pair of boots. Dublin River Boots produce some of the best boots around that not only look good, but offer incredible support for your horse riding adventures.


It might feel as if you’re back in the late nineties, but rollerblading will strengthen and tone your legs and behind, burn off calories and give you the reflexes of a panther on wheels. There are miles of perfectly flat, tarmac trail to chase in Florida, from old stretches of railroad to the famous Miami Beach boardwalk, so seek out that neon vest top, jean shorts and blades, and don’t forget your helmet and pads — safety first! It’s easy when you know how.



The Florida Keys are a sunny playground for water sports enthusiasts, with various facilities to support beginners who want to learn, too. If you feel like a bit of a challenge, catch some waves (and probably the surfing bug) on one of the easier beachbreaks of its Atlantic coastline. If you prefer to take things at a slower pace, there’s always paddleboarding, windsurfing and canoeing. Toned arms, a tight core and thighs of steel are all attainable if you’re willing to throw on your wetsuit and splash around a little.

Fitness classes

Whether you want to perfect your sun salute with a chilled afternoon yoga class on the beach or fight your way through a grueling boot camp at dawn, there are fitness classes for all ages and abilities in Florida. Become a crossfit convert, learn some martial arts at a self-defense class, or sweat it out against a punch-bag: whatever your fitness fancy, you’ll find it in spades in Florida.