Stylish (and Comfortable) Things to Wear During Chemo

July 11, 2020

Receiving a cancer diagnosis certainly brings on a host of conflicting emotions. There are many questions that come with this devastating news: Where will you seek cancer care? How long will the treatment be? What if the treatment is too much on your body, spirit, and mind? How can you ensure your comfort during this testing time?

Even while receiving excellent care, chemotherapy can still be an uncomfortable process to go through. Fortunately, there are a few simple remedies that can make the experience go more smoothly. It’s good to stay as hydrated as possible, obtain an appropriate amount of rest, and keep mints or gum on hand to help off-set any nausea. It can also be helpful to keep a favorite blanket or pillow nearby for comfort.

These are all important to keep in mind, but how you dress is one of the best ways to gain comfort during treatment. With the right clothes, you’ll feel a sense of peace and comfort while enduring a difficult time. You’ll also look mighty stylish while fighting your battle; a nice style can always lift your mood!

Here are five stylish and comfortable clothing items to wear during chemotherapy:

1. Sleep Shirts

Pajamas have never looked better.

Soma offers impressive selections of loungewear, lingerie, underwear, and pajamas that are both delightful to the touch and appealing to the eye. Their beautiful sleep shirts prove that you can look just as sweet as the sweet dreams you’re hoping to have. Soma is always offering free shipping, so even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, you can safely order your new favorite pieces online. Check out their best sellers on their online website to start shopping!

2. Leggings

What’s more reliable than a good ole pair of leggings? You can do everything in this universal piece of clothing: run errands, run around the park, run the world, etc. Comfortable, convenient, and appropriately cool for several events and situations: you can’t go wrong with leggings.


3. Loose-Fitting, Short-Sleeved Shirts

Not only are short-sleeves a staple look, but they’re extremely convenient. This will make it easier for the medical staff to gain access to getting your IV. If you’re worried about catching the chills while in the hospital, you can bring along an over-sized cardigan with you. (Cardigans are a bit easier to pull on and take off rather than sweaters or hoodies; any ease is great for comfort!)

4. Slip-Ons, Slides, and Slippers

There will be moments where you’ll get to be active during your treatment. Whether it’s a stroll outside or a short walk to the bathroom, you don’t want to go through the hassle of stuffing your feet into sneakers and having to lace them up. Keep it simple and keep it comfy by shuffling along in some comfortable slide-ons.


5. Sweatpants

Sweatpants are the ultimate comfy bottoms. Regardless of the season, a nice set of sweatpants is always welcomed. Their sense of both stability and reliability is always a classic feel, and over the years they have become a fashion piece in pop culture. Sweatpants have become incredibly versatile; with a ranging variety of colors and materials, they’re fun to dress up and dress down (for any occasion).

Getting Care

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Coping with an illness can be a tricky and sensitive time. Remember to be kind to yourself and reward yourself with comfort whenever you can, even in your wardrobe.