Tabletop Game Ideas For Your Themed Home Party

February 19, 2019

The tabletop game industry is alive and well, generating $700 million in revenue  in the past five years. There is a wide variety of tabletop games, like board games and card games, so anyone, regardless of their age, can find something they like to play. This is why throwing out a gaming themed party is a great idea. With some arrangements done to your house or your backyard, a bit of thematic decoration and the right choice of music, you can create the perfect ambience for a gaming party. Here are some ideas on themed parties where the most fun tabletop games fit quite perfectly.


A casino themed party: laughter and thrill

If you’ve ever been to a casino, you already know how much of a blast you can have there. Why not recreate the magical environment of a casino in your own house? It’s not as difficult as it seems, and it pays off greatly. The main points are: a wisely curated playlist that should never stop sounding, fancy decorations to convey a high-class feel, finger food, and cocktails that keep coming and coming. The easiest tabletop games for this kind of meeting are card games, like Blackjack and Poker. A roulette can be bought or rented for a very reasonable price and it will likely become the centrepiece of your casino themed party. If your guests like the idea, you can ask everyone to bring their best dresses and tuxes for a completely immersive casino experience.

Tabletop roleplaying games will keep your guests in their spots

Although tabletop roleplaying games (think Dungeons and Dragons) are fairly underground and even a bit geeky, you would be surprised to find out how engaged and entertained your guests can become. If you know how to narrate a roleplaying game, or know someone who knows, then there is little more than you need. A couple bags of dices and some pen and paper will often be enough for an informal gaming session. Hardcore gamers will want to bring their miniatures, maps and narrator screens, all of which will add up to the fun. Adding some ambience will take your party to the next level: for a medieval-themed game, serve beer in jars and play European folk music in the background. A cyberpunk dystopia will be better accompanied with industrial music and black light. Vampire chronicles call for goth music and red wine.

Whatever you choose, just remember, it is a mistake to believe that games are just for children. People of all ages can enjoy a themed gaming home party. Be sure to choose the type of games that your guests would like and then add some decorations and food that matches the tone of the game. A themed party is always a lot of fun and guarantees that you will share a great time with your loved ones.