The 5 Best Meditation Retreats for 2016

January 14, 2016

Each new year brings with it best intentions. Many people make resolutions to become more financially responsible in the coming year, or to eliminate harmful or undesirable practices from their life. One of the most popular of New Year’s resolutions in the last several years has been the adoption of more mindful and healthy pursuits to add peace and integrity to one’s life.

If you’ve made one of these types of resolutions you’re in luck. Mediation, yoga, and wellness are not only wonderful choices for your life, but accessing the places and people who offer instruction and guidance in these practices is easier than ever. What were once under the radar enclaves that housed yogis and spirit guides are now modern and often luxurious resorts and retreats that have a little something for anyone interested in a more mindful life.

Start your new year on the right foot and plan your 2016 visit to one of these amazing meditation retreats, and use credit card rewards points to pay for your flight.



Long before yoga and meditation were as widespread as they are today, India was the country that called to those intrepid pioneers. Even members of the Beatles visited India to learn from its masters in the late 1960s.

Today India has retained its reputation as the center of the mindfulness universe and one has their pick of a number of retreats and resorts that offer everything from intensive yoga workshops to meditation practices that can last for weeks. Try Ananda in the Himalayas in Uttranchal for a personalized, one on one mediation course that can transform your life.


Long known for its wine and food, France is now making waves in the travel community as an ideal locale for wellness retreats. Given its easy accessibility from the United States and the rest of Europe, a retreat in the French countryside might be ideal for your 2016 resolutions.

Joie de Vivre retreats offer up the best of southern France with a carefully tailored program featuring a blend of meditation, yoga, nutrition, and more. Their programs even feature a curated selection of local wines for those who don’t want to give up every indulgence.



Tourism in Croatia has exploded in recent years, mainly due to its prime location on the Adriatic Sea and its wealth of inexpensive options for tourists. With its Mediterranean climate and food that shares an abundance in common with both Italy and Greece, Croatia is an ideal getaway for many, and wellness options are plenty.

If you’re a fan of the open sea, why not join a wellness retreat that takes place on a luxury yacht? Cruises of seven days or more are available through a number of vacation and retreat outfitters, so finding one that suits your meditation or yoga needs is now easier than ever.


Arguably the most popular destination for wellness retreats of all types, Thailand is the one of the best locations to visit in 2016. Inexpensive, exotic, and exuding traditional Buddhist culture, any of Thailand’s resorts or retreats are a wonderful choice.

One of the best reasons to choose Thailand is the variety of locales available. If you prefer a stunning, tropical beach location then Thailand’s southern coastlines and islands are perfect. If you like mystical, mountain scenery then Thailand’s northern regions are calling to you. No matter which you pick you can be assured of a wonderful experience.

Costa Rica

Lovely tropical weather and the country’s motto of “pura vida” are just two of the reasons that Costa Rica has made a splash over the last few years in the worldwide community of wellness retreats. With its prime location featuring both Caribbean and Pacific coastlines as well as stunning jungle and rainforest, Costa Rica is feast for the senses.

Your choices in wellness retreats in Costa Rica might seem daunting at first, as the options are numerous, but many offer very specialized programs in meditation and other programs, so locating the one that suits you best is well worth the effort.

If one of your goals for 2016 is to live a more mindful life, a retreat focusing on meditation or yoga could be exactly what you need. Grab your passport and your open spirit and see what one of these destinations has in store for you.