The 6 Best Types of Shoes for Travel

November 23, 2015

If you’re planning a trip, you may be worried about what to pack. Somehow we always end up taking more than we need, and yet often forget to bring that perfect pair of shoes that would have worked so well on that night out or day by the beach.

When it comes to the perfect shoes for each trip, this will be largely dependent on how long you’re traveling for, the climate of the place you’re visiting, and how much space you have in your bags.

Here are the 6 best types of shoes for travel:



Whether you bring sneakers depends on how active you plan to be. If you’re the type of person who can’t face the day until you’ve gotten your workout in, and you fully intend to go for a run at your new destination, make use of the hotel gym, or go for a hike, sneakers are a must. Packing comfortable sneakers is a must so look for new sneaker options such as avatar shoes.


I don’t know anyone who doesn’t bring at least one pair of flip-flops with them on holiday. Even if you’re not heading to the beach, flip-flops can be perfect for flights, long bus rides, or just hanging around the hostel or hotel room.


Boots are a must whether you’re traveling in winter or simply like to look stylish for a night out. The best thing about ladies boots is the fact that they come in so many shapes, styles and lengths- whether you like a flat boot or a sexy stiletto, or even prefer your boots to be used for hiking or walking.


High Heels

If you’re going traveling, chances are you’ll get the opportunity to go out at least a few times, and may find yourself at a fancy restaurant or going clubbing with your new friends. Bring a pair of heels that you know fit well and don’t kill your feet, and choose a colour that goes with most of your favourite outfits- black always works well.


If you really can’t see yourself wearing high heels, but you still want to feel glamorous, why not try a cute pair of wedges? If you bring a good pair they can be used during both the day and night, and can either dress and outfit up or dress it down. Wedges are extremely comfortable, and when you compare them to high heels you’ll find that you can spend far more time on your feet dancing and actually enjoying yourself, and you’ll still be able to walk around the city the next day.


Sandals are a great option, and a cross between flip-flops and heels. The good thing about sandals is you can find nice supportive options for walking around and sightseeing, and cute strappy pairs that are perfect for a night out. Choose a pair with an intricate pattern, some cute buckles or some pretty beading and you’ll be able to wear them at any time during your trip.