The Best Places to go in Portugal

August 20, 2015

Portugal is a stunning country which is also pleasingly changeable. This is a country where you’ll find sandy beaches, ancient ruins, medieval cities, and incredible scenery.

If you’re going to be traveling to Europe, be sure to spend some time traveling through Portugal.

Here are some of the best places to go in Portugal:



Lisbon is a must-visit for anyone considering a visit to Portugal. Picture magnificent monasteries, fabulous museums, and Gothic cathedrals, with plenty of narrow backstreets and alleyways to explore. History says that Ulysses founded Lisbon after he left Troy, although it’s more likely this city was founded by the Phoenicians. Either way, the history is evident in the amazing buildings such as the Belem Tower and Jeronimos Monastery.

The Algarve

The Algarve welcomed tourists during thd 60’s and has never looked back. This is the premier destination for tourists in Portugal, and boasts coastal resorts, holiday visitors, and golf courses. You’ll also find strips of bars which are full of holidaymakers, but if you step a little further off the typical tourist trail you’ll be able to see the true charm of this region.

The biggest draw here is the coastline, however you’ll also find sleepy villages and excellent food. Faro is bursting with tourists in summer, however you’ll also find plenty of quiet spots. Visit the Ilha Desserta which are far less crowded than most other beaches in the area.



Sintra is a tiny hilltop town located just an hour from Lisbon. It used to be a holiday town for royalty and the rich and famous, so think stunning palaces, thick forests, exotic gardens, and lots to see. The town centre is a UNESCO World Heritage, often leadeing it to be described as an adult’s Disneyland. The gorgeous surroundings provide a wealth of photo opportunities, and the incredible views of the Atlantic from the lush green countryside and rolling hills is simply exquisite. Be sure to try the seafood.


Madeira has been nicknamed the “Pearl of the Atlantic, due to it’s perfect location which enchants visitors, the mountains, cuisine, and rich cultural heritage. The coastline is considered to be one of the best in the world, and you’ll see natural rock pools, lofty cliffs, and miles of pebble and sandy beaches. You’re also bound to be there during a festival, as there are festivals and feasts taking place year round, displaying the traditions of the island for both locals and visitors.



Coimbra is both lively and historic, and has a young atmosphere due to its impressive 13th century university, considered the best in the country. This used to be the medieval capital of the country, and the city demonstrates and takes pride in the massive historical significance while also embracing modern architecture and culture. If you visit during the academic year you’ll find the bars and cafes are packed with students, while the city is peaceful and quite during the summer months.