The best places to relax in Southeast Asia –Thailand and Philippines

May 30, 2014

Thailand and Philippines are probably two of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet. Their breathtakingly beautiful scenery, great weather, and affordable prices make this part of the world a tourist mecca. Still, there is much more to Southeast Asia than night clubs and parties, and if you really want, you can discover some idyllic, untouched paradises!


Phuket, Thailand

If you are one of those people who want to visit Phuket, but you prefer to stay away from crowded touristy places that most people haven’t heard of, and where the changes to meet an ordinary Thai person, who is still surprised to see a tourist, are huge. Many would say that there no such places anymore, but you may be surprised! Places such as Haad Sai Gaew or Koh Bon both beautiful dotted by sandy beaches with great small seafood restaurants where you can chat to friendly locals, try authentic Thai food, and most importantly relax!

Koh Kood, Thailand

One of the best advantages of Koh Kood, also known as Ko Kut, is its relative inaccessibility; even though it may sound like a big expedition to get there, it quite easy to reach Koh Kood. All you need to do is to get a train from Bangkok and then hop on a boat which will take you there in less than an hour. Koh Kood scenery is absolutely stunning,  its mountainous, jungle covered landscape, and white sand beaches surrounded by crystal clear water makes you feel as if you have entered a paradise on earth. It’s beautiful! Surprisingly, it is one of the places where you’ll actually meet locals who are surprised to see a tourist. So if you are looking for some proper relaxation, Koh Kood is a definitely a great place to visit.


El Nido, Philippines

Located in southern Philippines, El Nido is boasts probably the most stunning and picturesque location in Southeast Asia. The place sandwiched between sheer limestone karst cliffs and small islands that rise out of the waters make El Nido a great place for a quiet and relaxing retreat. Getting there is quite easy as there are flights every day to and from Manila, or if you prefer a cheaper option, you can always get a boat from the mainland. Words cannot describe how beautiful and tranquil the place is! It is as, as some people would say – almost surreal. Never-ending white sandy beaches, water so crystal clean that see your feet, and underwater world that will definitely take your breath away! El Nido is a place like no other, its nature, and amazing views make it a perfect place to relax!

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