The Biggest Bingo Prizes Ever Won

December 17, 2020

When most people tend to think about huge jackpot wins they immediately think about games such as roulette, blackjack or progressive jackpot slots, and whilst it is more than possible to win jackpots on these games, many people forget about the possibility of winning huge jackpots via the game of bingo. Oh yes, bingo can often get left by the wayside when it comes to gambling, with some gamblers taking an elitist attitude and scorning any games that cannot be played in a casino. 

Well, these people are missing out, because there have been several high profile bingo prizes over the last two decades alone, with lucky bingo players winning at least a million pounds from each win. You see? It is more than possible to win huge cash prizes via the game of deposit bonus bingo too – you may not think it, but it is absolutely the case. Keep reading for an overview of some of the biggest bingo prizes ever won. 

John Orchard 

Picture the scene: it’s December 2012, and an elderly fellow called John Orchard is busy preparing for an exciting Christmas period with his children and grandchildren, just finishing one of his last shifts at the factory job he works at before the Christmas break. Mr Orchard wasn’t a particularly keen bingo player, however for some reason he decided to have a go at online bingo, placing a pretty small 30p wager on one game, for entertainment purposes mainly. 

We are pretty sure absolutely nobody expected him to win a stunning bingo jackpot of £5.9 million, but that is just how life works sometimes. John Orchard was immediately able to retire and buy a new house with his wife in Lincolnshire, whilst his lucky family also got an array of expensive Christmas gifts. To this day John Orchard is the recipient of the biggest bingo prize ever won! 

Georgios M. 

Whilst most people like to talk a bit about their life changing bingo prize wins in newspapers or magazines, the runner up to the biggest bingo prize ever decided to keep a much more anonymous profile. Not much is known about the Greek businessman Georgios, apart from the fact that he scooped a massive £5.1 million jackpot on a game of online bingo back in 2009. 

There isn’t much know about the man as we already mentioned, so it is anyone’s guess how he ended up spending the money. 

Lisa Potter 

We all know what its like being a wife of a football fanatic during a competition like the World Cup or Euros, you probably won’t end up getting much attention. Well, this happened to Lisa Potter back in 2012, and she turned to online bingo in order to pass the time whilst the footy was on the TV. 

To her absolute astonishment Lisa Potter hit the jackpot from just a £5 wager, and ended up winning a bingo prize of £1.3 million – can you believe it?