The Importance of Frequent Flyer Points and How to Manage Them in One Place

August 26, 2018

Considering the ways in which you can use your frequent flyer points, it seems that flyer points have become the new currency everybody’s trying to lay their hands on. You would be amazed to hear that people earn more than trillions of flyer points every year.

However, the only problem people face with their frequent flyer points is that they’re not able to use their points at times. Having valuable currency, but not being able to use it sure causes them a great deal of discomfort. Here we’ll discuss how frequent flyer points have become the highly sought-after currency, and how can people use it effectively. For more information about managing rewards points, you can visit


You Can Use Points for Premium Class Tickets

Frequent flyer points allow people to use them to upgrade their seats or to get free premium class tickets. As it turns out, it’s not very wise to use your points for upgrading your seats. They are better spent if they’re used for buying premium class tickets. Most of the airlines charge you a high amount of points and cash to upgrade your seat on both domestic and international flights. So it’s better to use all your points in exchange of a free premium class ticket rather than buying a ticket and then using your points and cash to upgrade your seat.

Spend Points to Afford Hotel Rooms

You can redeem your frequent flyer points for your stays in hotels. The Starwood hotels charge you at the rate of 2400 points for one night. If you want your trip to become more luxurious you can spend your points and stay at some of the best hotels, like Sheraton, Four Points, and Westin.

Using Points for Shopping

If you feel like going for online shopping, then you can utilize your frequent flyer points by shopping with them on an airline’s online store. If you’re using the right frequent flyer program, you can use your points to subscribe for The Economist, or perhaps buy a new pair of Ray Bans. If you don’t have enough points, you can also buy points at various avenues, like Points Bank and give them as a gift, or buy a ticket with it.

Combining Points

It gets difficult if you use various frequent flyer programs and it helps if you combine them all in one place. All the major airlines in the world are a part of one of the three major airline alliances:

  • United, Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa and 25 other airlines are members of Star Alliance.
  • American Airlines, QANTAS, British Airways and 12 other airlines are members of Oneworld.
  • Delta, KLM, Alitalia and 12 other airlines are members of SkyTeam.

You can carry the flyer miles that you’ve earned from one airline to the partnering airlines if need be. This way you can gather all your flyer miles that you’ve earned from different airlines together in one place.