The joy and variety of Europe

April 14, 2014

We are lucky that we have such a huge and cultural land-mass right on our doorstep. Of course, I’m talking about Europe.

For those who want culture, you’re sorted. Want shopping? Done. Great beaches? No problem. History? Plenty. Great weather? Definitely.

We’re lucky we have such easy access to wonderful destinations, and with low cost airlines offering great fares, it’s cheap and quick to reach a new country, or a new city.


Once you’ve decided on where you’re headed, the first thing to do is book your insurance. For me, that would be booking my holiday insurance with Holiday Extras, for a great price and a range of policies to suit. I’d recommend you look into this open, and never ever attempt to travel without adequate insurance, no matter where you’re going, or how long for.

So, we’ve deduced that Europe is great, but where can you go?

For beaches, you’re spoilt for choice – Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece … the list goes on, and all of them are drenched in sun during the summer months. For shopping, again you’re more than catered for, with huge cities, such as Milan, Paris, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Istanbul. Culture? Prague is fantastic, or Rome, Florence, Istanbul again, Barcelona. You also have the sporting connections of huge European football teams, as well as amazing natural sights to explore.

The options truly are endless, and you won’t struggle to find a deal. It doesn’t even have to be summer, as cities are amazing places to visit during the winter months, adding a spot of winter sun, or just a getaway, to your dark, cold months.


When you’re booking a low cost airline flight to Europe, you’ll find bargains no matter what time of year, and it’s just a case pre-flight of keeping up to date with any developments on your airport or your flight. To combat this, and keep my travel stress levels low, I keep one step ahead, and check real-time information. Next week, I will be checking information on Gatwick departures before I leave the house, and I know I’ll be informed on which terminal I need to head to, as well as other important airport information.

The only question you will have when it comes to choosing your European destination, is where to go. This will prove to be a difficult decision, due to the sheer amount of choice, but my recommendation would be to open up your search, and see where the bargain flights are heading. If you have no preference, then just go where’s cheapest, and see what you think! What a great way to explore a new place, and you never know, you might just fall in love with a new destination.