The Name MAGFAST Charger Is Quickly Becoming Synonymous With The Concept Of Charging Convenience

November 20, 2019

Seymour Segnit is an entrepreneur, engineer, and businessman who is currently serving as President and CEO at MAGFAST Charger. He founded the operation in 2018 based on work that he had been involved with since 2013. With an engineering background that he attained through study at the University of Oxford, Seymour Segnit has a wealth of professional experience before founding this current venture. He as held positions with firms such as Saatchi and Saatchi as well as Ogilvy and Mather and has worked in radio in the London, United Kingdom region as well. These days Seymour is pouring his professional efforts into building his newest venture which is a cordless device charger company that has garnered some tremendous crowdfunding success. This success has been to the tune of $300 thousand which was pulled in at a crowdfunding event. Within the first 15 minutes of this event, the goal of $300 thousand was achieved. This shows just how excited today’s consumers are at the family of products that Seymour and his team are offering.

Why Traditional Methods Of Charging Leave Much To Be Desired (and What Seymour Segnit and His Team Are Doing To Change This

Most people realize that as they add more mobile devices into their daily life, keeping them all charged and ready to use becomes more of a hassle and to accomplish this, it is necessary to keep many different charging cables. It is only a matter of time before these different charging cables get tangled, damaged, or simply end up lost or misplaced due to them being carried around all over the place. It is an inconvenience that people have been dealing with as mobile devices become more popular but Seymour Segnit started coming up with a plan to change this back in 2013. His concept has led to the advent of MAGFAST Charger. Seymour took that Oxford-based engineering background he has and put it to use in developing a new kind of charging device that can charge without the use of cables. He is now bringing that product to the public in six different varieties meant to fit different charging needs. The main point is that these charging devices work for any of today’s mobile devices and they work without any need for cables. This signals the end of tangled masses of charging cables that have to be carried around everywhere.

MAGFAST Charger is producing a whole family of great products. They number six in total and are perfect for different charging needs that people run into. There is a portable charger known as the LifeCharger that is good for those on the go and can be taken wherever a device user needs it to keep all of their devices charged. There is also a RoadCharger, the perfect solution for traveling in a vehicle and getting one’s devices charged up. These are just two of the six great products the company has released and they all have a self-storing cable as well as USB A and C outlets that add to the overall convenience of the product.