The Roadtrip Guide For 2016

February 05, 2016

There aren’t many other experiences in life that afford you as much freedom as a roadtrip. With complete control over where you go, how long you stay for, and what you do, this kind of intrepid adventure has the potential to provide countless lifelong memories.

Even so, roadtripping isn’t always as easy and carefree as it sounds. In fact, it can be quite stressful if you don’t plan and prepare accordingly. So, with this in mind, here is a roadtrip guide for 2016.


Make sure you are road legal

Clearly if you are starting from scratch then you’ll need to study for the theory test and then prepare to handle the practical skills required to get behind the wheel itself.

But, it isn’t just learners who need to think about this. Even more experienced drivers should double check to make sure their licence covers overseas destinations and that an insurance policy provides adequate protection abroad. Remember to take all of these driving documents with you too.

You should also ensure that your vehicle is up for the roadtrip too by looking at things like tyre trends and fluid levels. If you’re not overly confident with car maintenance, get it serviced by a professional instead. In addition to guaranteeing your safety, this can also prevent breakdowns along the way.

Come up with a rough plan

In spite of the flexibility that a road trip brings, it still makes sense to decide upon your route as well as a few stops along the way. A rough plan of action can alleviate stress, as you’re less likely to get lost and you’ll keep every passenger happy too.

Furthermore, driving for long periods of time without a break can be extremely dangerous. So, for your safety and the protection of other road users, stop at regular intervals to get some much needed rest.


Establish a daily budget

Driving might seem like a cheaper alternative to flying or other modes of transport, but roadtrips contain plenty of hidden costs such as paying for tolls, the price of food at service stations, and accommodation each night. So, establish a daily budget and stick to it.

To save money, consider stocking up on food before hand, drive at a conservative speed to improve economy, and pack as light as possible to reduce the strain on your vehicle.

Take plenty of entertainment

It is fair to say that most roadtrips will involve long stretches of monotonous motorway driving, which can get incredibly boring incredibly quickly. For this reason, some in-car entertainment never goes amiss.

Create some roadtrip inspired playlists or listen to an enthralling audiobook or podcast. Don’t forget about classic car games either, which will keep boredom and tiredness at bay.


Take advantage of technology

In years gone by, finding your way on a roadtrip would involve little more than a map or set of directions. Along with a great deal of stress, this antiquated form of navigation could put hours on your journey time too.

But these days, there is a cavalcade of technology at your disposal. Satellite navigation devices as well as apps for your smartphone not only deliver step-by-step driving instructions, but also provide you with live traffic updates as well.