The Top 5 Benefits of Coffee According to Organo Gold

April 01, 2019

Organo Gold is a product manufactured by Organo, a global network. The company is built on a mission to change lives through premium products and business opportunities. The company focuses on the production of beverages and nutraceuticals. Organo was established in 2008 and is based in Los Angeles, California. The company operates in over 45 countries with its most famous product coffee products. It is a brand that stands out among other coffee brands as it is enriched with mushroom and ancient Chinese fungus. Due to the uniqueness of this product, it has gained popularity globally with the company promoting it as a highly nutritious product. The following are the top health benefits of this drink.


Immune system boosting

Organo Gold is enriched with a myriad of ingredients such as Ganoderma Lucidum. This ingredient is recognised for having immune system support properties. Regular consumption of this fungus strengthens the immune system which helps in fighting conditions such as the growth of tumors. In another aspect regarding anti-oxidants, this fungus contains high concentrated levels of antioxidants more than any other food.

Improvement of cardiovascular health

Enhanced coffee such as Organo promotes cardiovascular health. According to research by Japanese and Chinese scientists, the ingredients used in improving coffee promotes blood flow. Besides, they considerably contribute to lowering the amount of oxygen consumed by the heart. In other studies, it was found that the fungus in this coffee can lower the blood pressure and lower the cholesterol deposited in arterial walls. This significantly reduces the chances of one suffering from conditions such as stroke while still facilitating the regulation of the blood sugar levels leading to improved overall health.

Weight loss

Excess weight is a significant problem that have millions of people struggling in the world today. Lots of people struggle with obesity and even struggle more trying to lose weight with little or barely of effect at all. Organo’s Gold main ingredient Ganoderma Lucidem improves the heart’s health and blood circulation in the body. This, in turn, increases the rate of metabolism in the body. This is one of the fastest and the most effective way through which you can enhance the burning of calories in your body. This will help you reduce the cholesterol levels in your body considerably while you enjoy a healthier life.

Cancer prevention

Cancer is a global threat to health. It is a killer disease that ought to be curbed in all ways possible. Luckily, drinking coffee can be a potential way of inhibiting the growth and spread of cancer cells from one part of the body to others. The Reishi mushroom used in enhancing this coffee is known to have the ability to slow down the spread of cancer. At times, it has helped cancer patients completely stop the growth of cancer tumor cells. A Study credits this fungus for its effectiveness in inhibiting the proliferation and migration of cancer cells of various types of cancer, most notably breast cancer.

Anti-inflammatory properties

In Chinese and Japanese cultures, Reishi mushroom which is used as an ingredient in Organo Gold has incredible anti-inflammatory properties for injuries, muscle spasms, and arthritis as well. When inflammation occurs to any body part, it can be challenging to manage the conditions. Thus, it is better to avoid the problem before it happens while you enjoy the sweet experience of your morning coffee.

Additionally, the mentioned benefits build up to more significant health benefits. The other resulting benefits leveraging from the above include increased brain function, increased energy levels, detoxification of the body, improved sex life, decelerating the ageing of the skin, and plenty more.