Things You Should Look Into Before You Choose To Buy Your E-liquid

October 19, 2020

Over the globe, e-cigarettes and vaping have emerged as a popular alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. E-cigarettes are known to be healthier and a way better option. It helps your overall lifestyle to improve. There are vapes with glass tanks and vapes with plastic tanks. You should go for a puffco Peak vaporizer. Listed below are some helpful factors you should consider before buying the e-liquid for your device.

Choose the right nicotine level

Many factors are directly related to your vaping experience, but the main one is the nicotine level. It is heard that in the US, most vapers have nicotine strength up to 3mg. If you do not choose the e-liquid with adequate nicotine level for the vaping device you use, you would be unsatisfied or fall sick.

However, keep in mind that choosing your vape device’s right nicotine level is not that difficult. The vape production of your device is precisely what denotes the nicotine strength that you should be using. If you use a powerful vaping that creates enormous clouds, you are to go for an e-liquid with a low nicotine level. If you have a portable vaping device with plastic pots, you should go for liquids with higher nicotine amounts.

If you’re unsure, it is always an option to take the shop attendant’s help in the vape shop  who would guide you.

Choose the right flavors

Flavour is another crucial factor that determines your vaping experience. There are varied flavors available such as menthol, mint, and others. Flavors are what buyers look for before buying their e-liquids. Many unconventional flavors are also available such as chocolate, vanilla, and many other fruity flavors such as peach, strawberry, apple, pineapple, etc. You should give some thought before choosing the taste of your e-liquid. Though you can always go for experimentation, it is suggested that you take flavors that you’re comfortable with and avoid ones that are too loud. Loud flavors might hamper your vaping experience. You will also have the choice to mix your flavors. So, go ahead and choose the correct flavor to have the best vaping experience.

Nicotine salt makes higher-strength e-liquids possible

While going through the market, you will come across e-liquids with “nicotine salt” written on them. Currently, all e-liquids use this form of nicotine called freebase nicotine. The pH levels are usually raised in these nicotine salts. Freebase nicotines get very quickly dissolved into the bloodstream. Research day that it is challenging to smoke these e-liquids with high nicotine content.

Vape juices with freebase nicotine consist of a specific acid that lowers the pH of the e-liquid and makes it less alkaline. Lowering the alkaline level in the e-liquid makes it smoother and more comfortable to inhale. Hence, it’s easier for e-liquid makers to produce vape juice with much higher nicotine strengths than they would make by using freebase nicotine.

Whether you should get salt-based nicotine or not solely depends on the type of vaping device you’re using. If it is a glass-based device, freebase nicotine e-liquid that has low-strength is best suited for you. If you would be using a vaping device with a plastic tank, you should get an e-liquid with a high-strength.

Try To Avoid Tobacco flavored vapes

Pre-filled vaping products are usually available in the flavors menthol and tobacco. Likely, chain smokers would instantly get attracted to smoking flavored e-liquids, but it is better to avoid them. Many vapers comment to be very disappointed with the tobacco flavor. It should be remembered that the e-liquids try to imitate the flavor of tobacco and cannot entirely taste like tobacco. Instead, it’s better to go for fruit flavors and flavors that mimic actual food or beverage. Flavors like these try to imitate the real taste and hence use exact ingredients to create the flavor.

Consider the value for money factor

Though a vaping-kit might be expensive, many shops provide you discounts if you buy products in bulk. Though this might prevent you from experimenting with flavors, many shop owners provide you small packs, which is affordable, and you can experiment with it. Search for the best price you can get your vaping-kit at and go for it.