Though the Career Path Of Greg Blatt Has Not Been A Straightforward One, It Is A Path That Has Always Led To Success

November 20, 2019

Greg Blatt is one of the most influential entrepreneurs of the past few decades. This is because of the extensive work that he has done in growing the internet matchmaking industry. Through his career in this field, Greg has been a major figure with companies such as Match Group, and Tinder. He also had a career in the legal field before his work as an executive with major internet dating organizations. As a trained attorney, Greg previously served as a general counsel for the company known as Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. Before this time, he worked with respected law firms such as Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz. In terms of his educational background, Greg earned his J.D. at Columbia.

The work that Greg Blatt did with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. in a general counsel capacity was instrumental in helping him to take on a similar role with the IAC company. It was from there that he was able to branch out and move into the world of executive leadership. Greg Blatt eventually ascended into the position of Chief Executive Officer at the Match segment of the IAC business and this led to his eventual move into the CEO role at IAC as a whole. By the time 2016 rolled around, Greg took on the CEO role at the rapidly growing internet dating company Tinder. At the same time, Greg held the CEO and Chairman of the Board roles at Match Group.

Over his career, the path that Greg Blatt has taken toward success has not always been a straight line. He has changed industries and made some interesting moves that might seem unexpected to many. The result has been a consistent pattern of success and so it is hard to argue with the path that Greg has taken. His career is still an interesting study in the success that one can achieve when they follow their passions. This interesting career path started back in Greg’s college days when he was earning his J.D. at Columbia. He admits that going into the legal profession was something that he did because it seemed like it would be lucrative. He found this profession interesting and certainly enjoyed the professional experience that he picked up in his early career working for major law offices. At the same time, he was starting to think about a way to branch out from early on. Being able to work as a general counsel for Martha Stewart’s company was a great way for Greg to branch out and he jumped at the opportunity.

Greg’s establishment of himself as a respected general counsel was an outstanding way for him to land his position at IAC. It was with this company that he started to show his abilities as a leader. This allowed him to shift his career focus to that of executive leadership. The result of this move was Greg becoming one of the most influential executives in the internet matchmaking world and a true innovator in the field.