Three Companies We Are Loving Right Now

March 30, 2021

Since the beginning of time, humans have been full of bright ideas and inventions to make life better, easier, and more efficient – and that hasn’t stopped in this day and age, with more and more businesses and inventions popping up every single day. But what are some really bright ideas we’re loving right now? Here, we’ve listed three of our favorite services and products on the scene today which fill a real blind spot in their industry.

  1. Mato and Hash

Did you ever know there was a lot of money in printing clothes and accessories? Neither did we, but that’s exactly where Mato and Hash have carved their niche, selling printed t-shirts, bags, caps, and more to a huge range of customers from the US Air Force to Disney World. You can ask them to print anything you want on a huge range of products, in bulk or just the one (your bachelorette party favors are looking a lot easier right now aren’t they?) in a number of cuts and designs to suit you. is like having your very own fashion house.

  1. BluMortgage

There are literally thousands of software-as-a-service products and companies out there, but Blue Mortgage is just one that really shines through. Everyone that works in a client-based business knows that managing multiple client relationships effectively and efficiently can be one of the biggest challenges of the job, especially when you start to succeed and have to manage a bigger number than you were used to. And messing up on managing those relationships can cost you business and even your reputation. Client relationship management software like BluMortgage takes the stress out of it by managing those relationships for mortgage brokers in a slick and organized way, leaving them time to do what actually matters and work with those clients.

  1. Vegan takeout

Now, we’re not saying vegan takeout in itself is actually a new thing – a whole host of restaurants from chain to boutique have been doing vegan food for a long time now, and that trend is only on the up. However, wouldn’t it be nice instead of having to trawl through endless menus to find a vegan option that you actually want to eat there was a whole takeout service that just delivered vegan food? Vegan delivery is a new trend on the market that does just that, making life even easier especially for the newly converted vegan that hasn’t quite got their mental list of favorite dishes and venues down to a t yet!

So there you go – there’s a new idea in every niche every day, and these are some bright ideas that are tickling our fancy at the moment. Never forget – humans are born to be innovators, don’t be scared to act on your new ideas!