Three Packing Tips For Men

April 22, 2014

Packing for your holiday is part of the experience; the endless debating on what should be coming along and what should be left at home. Holidays can be fun and cost-efficient if you’ll opt for exclusive offers that are provided by major tour operators out there but it all begins back home with the suitcase lying open on the bed. For men, packing can be just as stressful as it is for women and here are three ideal tips to consider beforehand:


Good Luggage and Organisation

This one’s a given, but, if you have a decent sized suitcase, made from a light, elastic material, you’ll fit a lot more in and have enough space to fit in everything you need. You want something that will stand the test of time and be able to travel with you through different climates. Inside, everything needs to be buttoned down and organised in a neat pattern, enabling you to locate everything you need. Ensure there’s enough space for if you decide to make any purchases whilst you’re away.

Stuff It In

Sometimes, you’ll just need to forge your own space and this could involve being relatively unorthodox about it. If you have shoes, stuff small objects (socks and electronics) inside, creating more space for other items. Not only is it a quick method but it also puffs out shoes, keeping their shape safe from anything on the exterior. If the suitcase has patches and pouches, feel free to stuff them as well, opening up as much space in the interior as possible.


Add Forgotten Items First

It all begins at home and it’s important to meticulously scan a checklist before anything else. One vital tip is to start off with the most forgotten items, those that you need but don’t necessarily think about immediately. This usually includes the most important things, such as plane tickets, passports as well as things you don’t tend to think about until it’s too late such as a driver’s license, a camera (as well as protective gear) and any vital medicine you may be taking.

It’s important to look up the forgotten items as these are sometimes the most important. You don’t need to pack a lot but you can always pack densely, ensuring you have what you need without bogging yourself down, making your journey a lot lighter and more hassle-free.