Three reasons Niagara Falls is the perfect place for thrill-seekers

January 12, 2017

Most people see Niagara Falls as a romantic destination, but while there’s lots to offer your average honeymoon couple, over the years the area has acquired a lot of attractions that make it the ideal holiday destination for those who seek adventure. If you’d like to know just a few reasons why adrenalin junkies should be heading that way, read on for the low-do.


1. You’ll never find a view like it

The iconic Niagara Falls is a natural wonder that nothing compares to, and if you stay in the best Niagara Falls hotel in town, you’ll be guaranteed a wake-up call like no other. How would you feel to have this view to greet you over breakfast each morning? As if that wasn’t enough though, there are dozens of other ways you can take in the sites, and for thrill-seekers, you have three ways to take to the skies.

Start off by taking the Whirlpool Aero Car out right above the water, a popular ride since its first ever trip in 1916. From the oldest ride to the newest, once you’ve been suspended above the treacherous white water rapids, you can go one step further by taking on the Mistrider Zipline. Located a cool 220 feet above Niagara Gorge, you’ll sail through the air for 2,200 feet at a speed of about 70 kmph. Then, take a helicopter out the rest of the way to see what else Niagara parkland has to offer.


2. Discover the Niagara adventure

You’re probably ready to spend some time on the ground, and there’s no better place for those who love to be at the heart of the action during an evening, than the vibrant surroundings of Clifton Hill. For some light-hearted fun, start off in the many amusement arcades and the mini-golf courses, before taking a tour around the dozens of bars and restaurants serving the finest Canadian cuisine.

For those who can’t go a minute without having to solve a mystery or discover new places, you can do both at the Adventure Room in their incredible locked-room challenge. If you love to use your brain then this is the attraction for you, as you’ll find your way through a series of mysterious locked rooms.


3. There’s so much to explore

Finally, you’re in one of the most photographed places in all of Canada, and it’s not just the Horseshoe Falls that make it onto the film reel. Surrounded by acres of beautifully preserved land, there are endless hiking routes for those who want to seek out new spots for quiet reflection or some photography practice.

Head to the Dufferin Islands if it’s picturesque landscapes you’re after, or change course to the Devil’s Hole for luscious trees and a wealth of geological features. There’s also Queen Victoria Park if you’re looking for somewhere to stop for a picnic, or how about making your way up to Thompson’s Point for some truly breath-taking views?

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