Tips for booking last minute travel

October 20, 2014

Travel experts have had us convinced for years that if you are going to book travel last minute you’ll be paying a premium price. But if you are the spontaneous type then there are plenty of deals around for your last minute holiday. Here are some top tips to help you out.

Book flights online

When booking last minute, don’t go to a travel agent,start with booking some cheap flights through sites like Flybe where you can get some awesome last minute deals. Don’t be afraid to shop around either or take a price to the competition to see if it can be beaten.


Find the good hotel deals

It’s not just airlines that offer good last minute deals but hotels do too. There are some great online booking sites where you can search by your destination and what star rating you want, then a great hotel deal is offered up. You won’t know the hotel it is until you’ve booked, which can just add to the extra excitement.

Be flexible

The more flexible you are the better the deals. Airlines and hotels offer last minute deals when they need to fill seats and rooms. This makes it a lot easier to find a good bargain when you don’t have a set itinerary in mind.  You may need to fly mid week to get the good deal, or even travel to a destination you hadn’t thought about visiting.

Sign up to travel deal alerts

There are so many travel sites that offer sign up to alerts for when they have their latest deals. So rather then trawling the internet yourself, simply have them delivered into your inbox. Who knows you could be opening your e-mail one minute, and then off to an exotic island the next.


Snap it up quick

If you see a great deal, then get in quick as it wont be around for long. Good travel deals sell out quick, but be sure to read the T&Cs. Some of them come with a lot of travel restrictions, so read the fine print before committing.

Always look into visa requirements

Whilst it can be very exhilarating booking a last minute trip to that exotic location, it’s not so fun when you get to the airport and can’t fly because you don’t have the correct visa. Before committing to the flight, look into that specific country’s visa requirements for entry, as you may find it might not just be a case of simply checking in.