Tips for Taming a Wild Backyard

October 24, 2018

Keeping a yard looking neat and orderly is a big task that some homeowners simply don’t have the time to do. People who recently purchased property may also have a shock in store for them when they see how much work is required to get the yard in shape.

While putting off fixing the yard can seem tempting, it also leaves an eyesore for others and the city may fine the homeowner because of it. The good news is that with a positive attitude and some hard work, there’s even hope for overgrown backyards that currently look like a jungle.

Start with a Plan

Beginning the project with a can-do attitude is helpful, but it’s also important to devise a strategy first. This starts with the homeowner envisioning how he or she wants the landscape to look once the project is complete. The homeowner should also assess the situation and decide on the tools that he or she needs to complete the job most efficiently. Knowing the type of grass and flowers that grow in the yard is also a good idea. Writing down the plan and then crossing off completed tasks can help the homeowner feel a greater sense of accomplishment and resist the urge to quit when the whole project seems overwhelming.


Remove Unwanted Trees First

Property owners who need to remove trees should plan on tackling this job first. It will require renting, borrowing, or buying a brush cutter, chainsaw, or tree shear. Those who aren’t up to the task should hire a professional tree service instead. Homeowners will also need to plan for stump removal. Since it can take years to dissolve a tree stump using chemicals, a better idea is to use a stump grinder or wood chipper to eliminate all signs of the tree within a few hours.

Pick Up Debris Next

The longer a yard has been in an overgrown state, the more likely it is that it contains debris that could damage a lawnmower or other piece of equipment. For this reason, the homeowner should walk through the yard with several trash bags and a wheelbarrow. The garbage bags are convenient to hold small pieces of debris while the homeowner can use the wheelbarrow to push larger items to a trash container.

Care for Remaining Plants and Trees

Some plants and trees are certainly worth keeping. After completing the above steps, homeowners should trim excess branches and leaves from plants and trees that they desire to keep and care for in the future. This is also a good time to mow the tall grass. It’s a good idea to turn the mower to the highest setting for the first time through and then turn to a lower setting and mow again the next day. Homeowners should be certain to rake any clippings left behind so they don’t blow away and re-germinate.

Keep Up with Maintenance

Once the yard is more manageable, the homeowner should establish and stick to a maintenance schedule to ensure it doesn’t become out-of-control again. This may require help from professionals but enjoying a clean and well-maintained yard is worth the price.