Tips to Bring Feng Shui to Your Home – The Secret for Achieving Harmony

May 26, 2022

After having a busy day in life, all you want is to return to a positive abode known as “home.” Therefore, your home must have a good energy flow because it’s one of the most influential zones in everyone’s life. 

To incorporate it, you can execute Feng Shui, which is the practice of seeking balance and harmony between elements. So, make your home more positive, energetic, and welcoming with the principles of Feng Shui discussed below. 

Let’s have a look!

Know the art of Commanding Position


A commanding position of any room is from where you can see the room’s entrance. It doesn’t have to be a straight line, and it can be diagonally. For example, place a desk in the home office to view the entrance. The same placement goes for the bed in the bedroom, the stove in the kitchen, etc. the commanding position ensures a good flow of energy which brings productivity.

Add Elements of Harmony Through Wall Decor

The elements for wall decor can have natural features like earthy tones and lots of positive aura. One of the fantastic ideas is to hang serene flamingo wall arts on the southwest wall of any room. The realistic illustration helps to build bonds and reflects positive energy. Likewise, you can go for single or multiple wall arts having lots of real figures, wood, and natural tones.

Add Lots of Plants

One of the purest forms of nature, the plants add lots of good energy to your home. 

But, avoid placing too many plants in the bedroom. The ideal location is living rooms, hallways, and other corners. 

Also, keep the plants clean, well-trimmed, and healthy. You can place a large plant with a big couch in the living room. The corners make a great place for them. Try to position the plant’s southeast corner in a fire position. The wood element of the plant will infuse with fire element to shore prosperity. 

Important Note: In contrast, the northeast and southwest areas of the living room have earth elements, and the wood element (plants) overpowers the earth element. So, don’t place plants here.

Place Earthy Elements in Southwest and Northeast Areas


Both these directions rule relationships, luck, and education. So, place natural elements like ceramics, pots, urns, vases, etc. The beautifully glazed ceramic pots over the mantle, console, etc., will look right. You can hang some pottery masks etc., on the wall. Aligning ceramic plates is also a fantastic option.

Metals in the West and Northwest Sector

Northwest sector and metals bring luck and lots of happy vibes. You can place metallic frames, cutlery, showpieces, and more. Metallic elements in the form of any functional and decorative one can go in this corner.

East and Southeast Sectors are for Wood

This corner brings wealth and health to the space. You can hang wooden wall arts, place the wooden bowl with fruits, etc. In addition, you can put in some wood plants for maximum benefit.

South is Fire, and North is Water

The south corner of any room has a fire element, so try to place candles, lanterns, and wall sconces for the fireplace here. In contrast, the north is water where you can execute fountains and keep aquariums and other components.

Execute Feng Shui now!

The cosmology of Feng Shui comes from Chinese concepts, and it’s very effective. The right energy flow at home can bring success and happiness and boost healthy bonds!