Tips to Find Deals, Promo Codes and Flash Sales for Airfare

February 27, 2017

Despite the increase in the number of flights that leave from all over the world each day, the prices of airfare continue to go up, yet the demand is there. It’s becoming extremely expensive to travel by air unless you know how to find the best deals.

Unfortunately, a lot of consumers think it’s enough to just go to a travel website, compare fares and book their flight. Ultimately that leads to a lot of missed savings opportunities, and travelers tend to pay a lot more for their seats.

The following are some of the best ways to find deals, promo codes and more that will help ensure you get the best possible prices.

Follow a Coupon Code Site

People are always looking for the best deals on flights, but they frequently overlook something that’s simple, which is using promo codes and coupon codes. Just as you can use promo codes to shop retailers, you can often do the same with your flights and travel plans.

Follow a site that features the most updated coupons and offers, such as a Yatra promo code site. There are plenty of these code sites available, and the codes are regularly updated. Many also have apps so you can keep track of available deals on your mobile phone.

Along with sites that specifically feature all types of promo codes, you can also visit travel-specific discount sites, such as CheapOAir, which regularly offers daily deals and promo codes that can be used on bookings.


Follow Airlines on Twitter

Many airlines have flash sales, where they offer a very limited window of time or tickets at some of their lowest prices. If you want to take advantage of these flash sales, the best way to hear about them is to follow your favorite airlines on Twitter. This is most commonly where they’ll announce flash sales and limited deals, but you might also come across some on Facebook and other social media sites.

Sign Up For Newsletters

Most of us hate getting a lot of junk mail in our email inboxes, but if you sign up for airline newsletters you’ll get first access to a lot of the best deals and promotions, so it can be worth it.

Some airlines even have specific emails that they market as featuring low, unadvertised fares.

As part of many of these newsletter signups, you’re also required to be part of airlines’ loyalty clubs, but that in and of itself can also come with some pretty good deals and opportunities to save on fares.

Exit Fares

Exit Fares is a platform that uses proprietary technology to analyze real-time conversations happening in the travel industry. Then, they bring all of the deals they find together with one daily email to registered users. The daily email you receive is based on your home city airport, and it includes a collection of the very best error fares, promo codes and flash sales.

There are plenty of ways to save on flights and make travel dreams a reality, particularly with tips and tools like the ones listed above.