To the beach!

April 10, 2015

Beach holidays truly are the stuff of summer, don’t you find? You picture summer in your head, just say the word, and instantly an image of rolling surf, baking sand, hot sun, and chilling the hell out springs to mind. It’s basically rest and relaxation with a huge dose of fun on the side.

There are plentiful destinations which more than tick those beach holiday boxes, and the biggest question is where to go. This can mean pondering over brochures and websites before finally deciding on a destination, but that’s half the fun!


When you’re planning your beach break it’s important not to be a dolly daydream and go forgetting something important, such as your travel insurance. Make sure you take a little time out of dreaming of cocktails and sunloungers to tick everything off that must-do list, giving you peace of mind that you’re covered for every eventuality.

You might think that every beach destination is the same as the rest, but that’s generally not true. Each resort in each country has subtle differences, so it’s worthwhile doing your research ahead of time, before you decide on your firm destination. It’s a good idea to pick somewhere that has a few excursions on offer too, usually to places of historical or cultural importance, or even something fun like a boat trip or jeep safari; this is a good way to break up the monotony that can sometimes occur with a beach holiday, and keep boredom at bay.


Most resorts are usually surrounded by a nearby large town or city too, and a good way to explore the region is to jump on the bus and head off for a day shopping and exploring, and again this is a good way to break up a beach holiday. Out of a two weeks’ holiday you can easily spend two or three days doing something else, and still get plentiful beach time in, along with a healthy, golden tan!

So, where will you choose for your beach break this year? Will you choose the nearby beaches of Spain? The mysterious Tunisian coastline? Or will you head off for a bargain break at one of Turkey’s southern coast resorts? The options are endless, and in that list we didn’t even mention the many Greek islands you can easily find a beach resort on, perfect for soaking up the sun.

Find your resort, cover your bases, grab your bikini or swimming trunks, and head off into the blue!