Top 3 Underrated Sports for Beginners

May 15, 2023

Often, when it comes to getting started in fitness, people will hear the same few suggestions. 

“You should start running!”


“Going to the gym worked great for me!”


“You know, you could really try CrossFit.”

Or even

“If you want to improve your mental health too I really can’t recommend yoga enough.”

All of these are great suggestions, but they are all a bit tired, plus they have a couple of other problems. CrossFit is a big financial commitment, time commitment, and let’s be honest – it has a bit of an image problem. Running is low cost and handy for a busy schedule as it takes as long or as short a time as you want it to – but it can be really hard to stay motivated, and just isn’t for everyone. Going to the gym can be really intimidating alone, and though cheaper than some fitness programmes , for many paying for a gym membership just isn’t feasible. Finally, activities like yoga do absolutely deliver the benefits they promise – but aren’t for someone looking for a little more energy and sweat from their workout.

Additionally, the one thins all these suggestions have in common is that they can be really intimidating for beginners. A gym filled with built up muscles and people using complicated machines without seeming to need any help? No thanks. Running 5k when you haven’t got off the sofa in six months? Why even try?

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t great ways for beginners to get fit, so below we’ve made a handy list of sports that are great for beginners, but often fall under the radar.

  1. Climbing 

Climbing is truly one of those sports that welcomes everyone, and climbers are more than happy to welcome newbies into the fold. This exciting pursuit can be especially great for beginners because it’s absolutely necessary to be taught the basics, so anyone who might feel embarrassed at needing a teacher in other scenarios (not that there’s anything to be embarrassed about!) can feel safe in the knowledge that this is standard practice. Additionally, even as a beginner, climbing is physically demanding, meaning that you’re getting a great workout from day 1, which might even develop into a fun weekend hobby!

  1. Tennis

Tennis is an engaging sport which can be great fun to play at an advanced level, but which is really easy to get into as a beginner. It has relatively simple rules, doesn’t require you to join an existing team, and if you just want to play a few games down at your local court all you need is a tennis racket to get started. Additionally, you can easily join a more formal club, and you’ll gain access to a whole new community!

  1. Hiking

While calling hiking a sport might be a stretch, it’s definitely amazing physical exercise and a great way to get to know your local wilderness. Additionally, hiking trails are categorised by difficulty, so it’s easy to pick the right trails for your skill level – and almost every town has a dedicated hiking group full of enthusiasts who are always keen to meet new people!

Keeping fit isn’t always easy, especially if you’re just getting started – hopefully, these few suggestions have given you some confidence to begin an activity that’s at the right level for you!