Top 4 Furniture Pieces Your Master Bedroom Needs

June 24, 2018

When you are in the process of selecting furniture for your master bedroom, there are certain furniture pieces that you should choose regardless of what interior design your bedroom currently has. The reason why each of these furniture pieces are necessary is because your bedroom will simply not a bedroom without them.

Here are the top four furniture pieces your master bedroom needs to have:

Bed Frame

No bedroom is complete without a bed, right? The first bed piece you’ll need is the frame, which is available in different sizes such as king, queen, full, or twin. Size is by far the most important quality to look for in a frame, because the bed is going to take up more space in the bedroom over any other piece of furniture.


Bed Mattress

The second furniture piece you’ll need to complete your bed (other than pillows and blankets) is the mattress. The mattress obviously needs to be the same size as the bed frame, but it’s also critical that it be as comfortable as possible.

Your bed is your place to rest and relax, so comfort is not something you can afford to sacrifice if you want to get high quality sleep. Additional features to look for in a mattress include the materials used and the support it provides.


The next furniture piece you’ll need is a good nightstand, which will rest right next to your bed and hold your clock, lamp, and any other nighttime materials you have such as a book or magazine to read.

Most nightstands are made out of wood, and while some are a simple stand, others will have shelves or drawers for holding your items. Regardless of what type of nightstand you use, it needs to be the same height as your bed.


Finally, you need to select a dresser to complete your master bedroom. As with your bed, size is important when choosing a dresser. You don’t want it to take up too much space, but it also needs to be big enough to hold all of the clothing that you want or need it do.

Go with the most durable dresser possible that is also at least as high as your waist and that has a minimum of six drawers. Like the nightstand, most dressers are constructed out of wood such as composite or veneer.

Choosing Furniture For Your Bedroom

A bed frame, a mattress, a nightstand, and a dresser are the top four pieces of furniture that your master bedroom must have. Can you consider other furniture pieces if you want to? Absolutely, but most home designers will tell you that the four we have covered are the non-negotiable ones. Don’t forget to accessorise your room, you can place photos you love up on the wall using fomex. This will give your images a beautiful finish and it can help you to relax further by looking at your tranquil images on your wall.

The reason why is because these four pieces each serve a function and will help make your bedroom more useful and cozy, and the best part of it is you have a very wide variety of specific options on the market for each of them.