Top 5 Scenic Bike Rides For Winter

December 22, 2017

Winter is a beautiful time of year. When you live in a part of the country that actually sees snow, it’s even better. These are the five best spots to ride your custom beach cruiser bikes while getting a beautiful view of mother Earth doing her handy work:

1. By the Water

Some sections of the ocean will be frozen over, some will have trees glistened with snow. Either way, if you can find a path that rides along the length of the water, whether it’s a lake or a pond, it’s a beautiful ride you won’t want to stop.


2. Forest Trails

There’s nothing better than the treetops coated in snow. If you have a local park or reservation area where you can ride your bike, you’ll see gorgeous views of sunlight poking through the snow-dusted treetops. If you’re going for a romantic ride, this is one of the best spots.

3. Through the Square

Most cities and towns have a main street, central hub type of area. Seeing the shop roofs covered in icicles and the windows frosted over is a sight to see, and allows you to window shop for Christmas at the same time. Just be certain the sidewalk is wide enough.

4. Around the Block

In winter, if you live in a notoriously snowy environment, some of the roads may not have been plowed yet. Riding around the block, or around an empty parking lot nearby can suffice as a good ride to get your energy out and help you appreciate the place you live.

5. At a Monument

If you have the option and live nearby a local landmark, take a ride around, look at the epitaphs, and learn a bit while you’re out.

There are plenty of scenic routes to ride your custom men or women’s beach cruiser all over the world that fit into the above categories. Do your research, ask friends, and most importantly enjoy the ride!