Top 6 Apps for Zen Travel

April 07, 2016

I would like to thank Jess for publishing this article. Her site is an amazing place for anyone looking to travel healthily, spiritually and mindfully. You can follow her own adventures or read great tips and trips to improve your over wellbeing. After checking out this, be sure to head over to her post on some great advice about reducing stress!


We all know the importance of applying Zen principles to our everyday life and tackling all that we do with mindfulness. Unfortunately, when traveling, the fast-paced, spontaneous and often stressful nature of the lifestyle does not necessarily lend itself to a peaceful mind.

Surprisingly, the answer to this seems to lie in technology. There are so many great apps on the market that cover all elements of inner peace practices, so you can ensure you stay focused, present and mindful while on the road. Here are just five of the best that can help transform your traveling experiences.

Yoga Studio

Yoga is an ancient meditation technique that has been around for well over 5,000 years. The practice has been used to quiet the mind and embrace the present moment for generations and is no less effective today. The Yoga Studio App is a great way to create bespoke routines, watch intricate demonstrations and get advice and tips from qualified experts.

It helps you stay on track by allowing you to create personalized schedules, and with over 24 hours of class footage, you’re sure to have more than enough to keep you busy. All you need is a bit of space, and you can continue on with your yoga practice no matter where in the world you are.


As previously mentioned, travel can be stressful and last minute. Sometimes there isn’t time or space to dedicate to a full-blown yoga or meditation practice. The Pranayama app focuses on simple breathing techniques that embody the core basis for all yogic and meditative practices.

With a range of difficulties and lengths, the app can be set to create the ideal breathing exercise for any situation. Whether you need a few moments to calm down before a flight or want a prolonged practice session, it’s the perfect companion for any traveler looking to preserve their peace of mind. 



To properly benefit from meditation and mindfulness and find true Zen requires practice, and not everybody has already been schooled in the basics when traveling. Fortunately, the Headspace franchise, created by former Buddhist Monk Puddicombe, is an incredible resource for participants at any level to expand their mind and learn to meditate.

Progressing from simple 10 minute practices to longer and more complex techniques, Headspace takes all users on a complete journey through mindfulness. These meditations can be done anywhere, and help you learn to overcome distractions in loud spaces and chaotic atmospheres, so they’re perfect for travelers!

The Mindfulness App

Mindfulness is not just about meditating once or twice a day and hoping for the best. It’s a practice that defines everything you do and determines you way you interact with the world around you. The Mindfulness App is great for anyone looking to find a more in depth understanding of what mindfulness means.

Alongside a wide range of guided meditations, it also uses helpful quotes and instructions to apply the techniques to your day-to-day life. There is background information on all elements of the practice and links to helpful interviews and videos. It’s the perfect resource to assimilate mindfulness into your everyday activities and, thus, feel its benefits in all aspects of your life.


Divine Mantras

The ancient Indian practices which mindfulness derives from are about more than finding quiet and stillness in your life. They also use praise and song as a form of active meditation and perform mantras dedicated to different deities to help them stay connected and focused. These practices have been proven to have endless benefits on stress levels and mental health, so are still widely recommended today.

The Divine Mantras app is a brilliant resource that teaches and helps you practice mantras dedicated to all the main godheads. Its simple set up allows you to play each mantra on repeat and stop when you’ve had enough. Although this app is very basic, it’s extremely handy to help learn about and understand traditional Buddhist Zen practices.


In an ironic twist, the final app on our list supports Zen travel by avoiding outside stress, rather than promoting inner peace. Online identity theft and monetary fraud is becoming extremely common, and travelers are, unfortunately, prime victims, as their regular use of unsecure public WiFi networks leaves them at significant risk. When using and purchasing apps overseas, if you don’t have a Virtual Private Network installed, you’re in for uncountable headaches. ExpressVPN will secure you online and allow you to use the other apps peacefully, without worrying about disaster!

Do you know of any other apps that promote Zen travel? Be sure to leave a comment below and let fellow travelers know!