Top Backpacker Tips for Finding a Great Hostel

June 16, 2014

Backpacking can be an inexpensive way to travel in any part of the world you can imagine. From Los Angeles to Vladivostok, from Tibet to New Zealand and from Stockholm to Cape Town, every single hot travel destination out there can be, in one way or another, explored through backpacking. Why backpacking? Because it is fun, it is inexpensive, it opens your eyes and it allows you to meet people from all the places you visit. It can be really hard to find some top backpacker tips for finding a great hostel.

Yet, do bear in mind that backpacking without a hostel and without camping is not fully “backpacking” and that if you want to make sure that your trip will be truly amazing, you will also have to make sure that you find a great hostel to accommodate yourself. And if you want to find a very good hostel, the following tips will prove to be extremely precious:


Choose a Good Location

Generally speaking, the closer a hostel will be to the main attractions in the area, the more expensive it will be. However, that should not mean that you will have to go on the outskirts of the town just because it is less expensive. There are hostels located a bit farther away from the attractions that will still be close enough as to allow you to see the most important spots in town without having to pay for a cab.

Choose the Right Type of Hostel

Mainly, there are two types of hostels: the quiet ones and the continuous party ones. If you want a chill holiday and you don’t want to party all night, go for the first. If you want to have cheap fun with fellow travellers from all over the world, then go for the second one. Make sure to inquire beforehand on what type of hostel a particular one may be, so that you can choose the one that suits your travelling style the most.


The Extras

Do think very well on how you want your hostel to be. Do you want a shared room or a singles room? Do you want your hostel to have a dining area? This may prove very useful both when it comes to saving money on food and when it comes to making friends (since you will most likely bump into a lot of people there and you will strike many great conversations with them).

Also, there are other bonuses a hostel may have. For instance, some of them even have pools. If you are travelling for the summer and you know you like having some splashy fun by the poolside as well, then this kind of hostel can be a very good choice.

WiFi, cheap bars and other features may also be on the list as well. While all these bonuses may add to the price you will pay for every night in the hostel, they can still be a great thing (and sometimes, they help you save even more money than choosing a simpler and less expensive hostel would do).