Top destinations to visit ASAP

June 26, 2018

It’s currently high season for travel, with people booking last-minute trips around the world. If this sounds like you, you may be wondering just where to go to have a unique experience and see some incredible sights.

Here are some top destinations to visit ASAP:

Bosnia and Herzegovina

This is one of those “hidden gems” people talk about when they mean natural beauty that’s not ruined by crowds of people all elbowing each other in an effort to take a decent photo.

Bosnia has some of the most incredible scenery around, with more waterfalls, lakes, and cobblestone alleys than you can shake a stick at. The people are incredibly friendly, with a relaxed humor and insistence upon speaking frankly. You’ll love how cost-effective this country is as well, so get there before it becomes the next Croatia.



London remains a must-visit destination, although you’ll need to be prepared for all the other tourists who have the same idea. Do yourself a favor and consider all of the tourist activities you’d like to do and start booking advance- particularly for favourites like high tea.

London comes alive in the summertime, but you can also dodge a few of the tourists by visiting shortly before or after the hottest months.


As one of the largest cities in France, Marseille is a must-visit- particularly if you’re hoping to see more than just Paris. This is a port city with a rich history and a mix of cultures. You’ll find museums, theaters, excellent restaurants, and nightlife. While the city has an industrial feel, there’s plenty to see and do here. Consider using an airport transfer service to get to and from your hotel since taxis are expensive and public transport can be difficult to figure out after a long flight.


Perfectly located in central Europe, with cheap airlines like Wizz Air and EasyJet servicing the city, you can easily add on a weekend in Budapest if you’re planning a trip to a few European destinations. While Budapest is a favorite for hens and stags parties, there’s more to this city than cheap beer and ruin pubs. Take a river cruise and get great photos of parliament, grab a cocktail at rooftop bar 360, and wander Andrassy Avenue.

Getting a cab in Budapest can be a mission unless you have a number for a local cab company or a specific app.