Top places to visit this summer

May 25, 2018

Europe and the UK in the summer is like no other region of the world, but with so many places on your bucket list, how do you choose where to visit?

Here are some of the top places to visit this summer:


Cornwall is one of those destinations where you can make a last-minute trip and not have to worry about changing currency or even getting on a plane. Spend your holiday in Looe, Cornwall, and enjoy some relaxation without dealing with airport security. The beaches in Cornwall are the best in the UK, with incredible surfing, gorgeous coastal walks, and sub-tropical gardens.



Budapest is an incredible city, and unlike many other European destinations, it won’t blow your budget. You can spend a day at one of the many baths for just a few dollars, and the rooftop bars are a must on a hot summer’s day. Spend some time bar hopping and check out the ruin bars throughout the Jewish District, or grab a picnic on Margaret Island and enjoy views of the river.


Porto is having a moment right now, as travellers aim to avoid the crowds in Lisbon. If you love wine, Porto is a must-visit, but the city has a lot more to offer as well. Porto is also packed with museums and varied architecture, which you can explore before hanging out on the beach. The UNESCO World Heritage district is the perfect place to stroll before heading south to the wineries.


Located amidst the hills in Tuscany, Florence was inspiration for artists like Michelangelo. Walking around this city will make you feel like you’re travelling back to the 14th century, although there are still plenty of chic shops packed with fashionable Italians.

Head to Florence for romantic charm, Italian cooking, and Renaissance art.


If you haven’t yet visited Santorini, you’ve been missing out. Many believe this was where the lost city of Atlantis originally stood before it disappeared into the depths of the ocean. Today, Santorini is packed with white washed homes and the red and black sand beaches. Spend at least a few days here, and be sure to check out Ancient Thera or Ancient Akrotiri which boast ruins of three different empires.

Indulge in delicious food and wine, take photos of the white and blue contrast, take long naps in the afternoon and eat and drink late into the night.