Top reasons why UK travelers will choose an island destination for their next holiday

April 01, 2020

There are few holidays better than those spent enjoying the sun. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that, while I’m a city girl through and through, some of my best holidays have been spent lying on the beach.

It turns out that many UK travelers feel the same way. I recently received a super interesting infographic from Opodo (be sure to check it out), who asked me to weigh in on some of their research.


Did you know, for example, that 75% of Brits say they’d choose an island holiday for the weather? It’s easy to see why at this time of the year. 61% said that they consider culture when picking their island holiday, while 57% are all about that food. 25% consider how far the island is from home, which frankly makes sense when you consider how many great destinations are just a few hours from the UK. To be honest, I would consider Tenerife for an island holiday that’s closer to home.

Finally, 18% think about the local music before they book their trip. Personally, this isn’t something that I would consider, but some people are all about those tunes. Of course, music festivals are another thing entirely, and 21% of Brits consider these types of calendar events while choosing their holiday. 16% consider other annual events like food, drink, and cultural gatherings, while 12% figure out where their favorite bands and artists are going to be and choose accordingly.


Reading some of the following stats had me crying out for an island holiday. For example, did you know that the average Brit will spend 3 hours sunbathing on a beach blanket during their holiday? They’ll read anywhere from two to four books, and 78% of people surveyed said they’d enjoy tasting some of the local cuisines. 53% say they’d be drinking lots of cocktails, which makes sense, while 29% focus on listening to a more chilled out playlist.

Personally, I’m considering Tenerife for my next island holiday, and a large part of my reasoning is because it’s simply so close to the UK. When you’re hoping to spend as much time as possible relaxing, the last thing you really want to be doing is getting on a plane for hours at a time, or worse, making multiple connections. I love the idea of visiting somewhere super close and getting in holiday mode ASAP. But of course places like Bora Bora is perfect for an island holiday, specially with your special one.