Top Solo Vacation Ideas

May 18, 2017

Many travellers believe that travelling alone is the best way to discover parts of the world. This is simply because no one influences your travel destination, you just choose it and you travel without getting influenced by other’s prejudices. Solo-exploration is just a way to meet new people while discovering yourself. If you want to travel solo, here’s some destinations you might want to add on your list.

New Zealand

In the blissful land where “The Lord of the Rings” movies have been shot, travellers can be sure that they will have a good time. New Zealand is a country where solo travellers can adventure on peaks of mountains, rainforests, and glaciers. If you’re one of the risk takers, you can as well try bungee jumping, hiking on Milford Track and jet boating.



Norway is indeed quite an expensive destination for solo travellers, however, you can board the coastal steamers that sail up to the coast of Norway to save some bucks. The city of Bergen is one of the best places to visit for its beautiful fjords and dozens of ports. If you find yourself in Norway, you should at least try the multiday treks. Plus, it is a must to see the Northern lights.

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Switzerland is known for its residents who like to live personal, and it automatically becomes a natural choice for solo travellers. Make sure to pack your hiking boots and a Swiss Rail pass for all the trains, trams and lake steamers. Start your trip with Zurich, and visit the Lake of Geneva for the awesome nightlife, bistros and museums.


Living on your own in Vietnam is very safe and the people are welcoming. The best places to visit in Vietnam is Ben Thanh, Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. By the Hoan Kiem lake, you can even practice some tai chi moves with many other people. Head to the mountains of the Central Highlands for treks, and live a local lifestyle at Phu Quoc Island.


Indonesia is the dream destination of solo travellers: massages, lodges, food, beaches and temples. Plus, you can try the international roster for backpackers and spiritual seekers. If you are visiting Indonesia, then it’s worth a flight to Bali and to Lombak.


Like Vietnam, Laos was a country destroyed by the war, which has now become a piece of paradise. Laos is worth a visit in solo as it will introduce you to its real culture, and a classic riverboat trip near Mekong is amazing.