Top tips for a stress-free vacation

May 30, 2019

While most of us are well overdue for a vacation, many of us are putting it off, even though we know we could benefit from some time away from it all. Why? Because while vacations allow us to see the world and can leave us feeling refreshed and relaxed, they can also be stressful if we’re not careful. If you don’t plan your vacation properly, you can end up needing a vacation from your vacation, and returning to work feeling just as stressed and burnt out as you were when you left.

The answer? Planning your vacation in advance. This doesn’t mean you need to account for every minute of your time on your vacation. But it does mean that you’ll be much more likely to enjoy a smooth, stress-free vacation than if you were to simply ‘wing it.’

Here are some tips for a stress-free vacation:

Do your homework

If you plan in advance, you’ll be able to see just the right amount of sights and attractions while still enjoying some downtime. There’s nothing worse than getting somewhere great and finding that tickets are sold out or you won’t have enough time based on your other plans.

There are so many great websites and blogs available for almost every destination in the world, that you can easily discover the best attractions and plan a vacation that allows you to see all of the ones that appeal the most to you.

Rent a car

If there’s one piece of advice that can change the game if you’re planning a vacation, it’s to consider renting a car. These days, car rental is more cost-effective than it’s ever been, especially when you consider multiple people using public transport, or multiple uses of Uber Lyft, or taxis.

For example, if you rent a car during your Malaga holiday, you can spend less time waiting for taxis and shuttles or figuring out the public transport system, and more time actually exploring your destination.

Plan in your downtime

Often one of the reasons we return so exhausted from our vacation is because we end up trying to pack in as much as we possibly can. Instead, make sure that for every super busy day, you plan in a more relaxed day so you can recover. For example, if you have two back-to-back tours, plan to just wander, grab a coffee and people watch the next day.