Top Tips for Travelling Over the Holidays

December 08, 2017

We all know that travelling over the holidays is one of the most stressful and expensive times to travel- not to mention one of the busiest.

But your holiday travel doesn’t need to turn you into a total Grinch. WIth the right attitude (and a little planning), you can survive any travel delay or crowded airport this season. Here are some top tips for travelling over the holidays:

Book smart

It may seem obvious, but if you haven’t booked your flights by now, you need to get on it. The earlier you book, the better, since flights will quickly become sold out and the best times and fewer stopovers will be long gone by the time you book.

Pack well

If at all possible, consider sticking to a carry-on bag. Save time when you’re at the airport by putting everything in one bag, and you’ll be thanking yourself when you stroll off the plane and avoid the luggage carousel. Keep in mind that this is the worst time of the year to try and get through check in and security with over-sized or excess backs. Expect the overhead bins to be overflowing, and cabin crew, officials, and your fellow passengers will not react well if you slow the security or boarding process down.

Take non-electronic entertainment as you may experience delays at the airport. These are common during the holiday season, and you may not be able to find a power outlet at the gate if a lot of people are packed into a small space. If your laptop or smartphone dies, you’ll be pleased you bought a magazine or book to help keep you entertained.


Rent a car

Even if you own your own car, it could be worth renting a car over the holiday period. When you rent a car, you know it has recently been serviced and is in the best condition for the busy holiday period. Not to mention, you’re avoiding the wear and tear on your own car.

Stay Healthy

The stress of the holidays and travel can both combine to cause a few sleepless nights, particularly if you’re someone who gets anxious or stressed easily. The last thing you need is to get sick in time for holiday travel, so be sure to get at least two or three good nights of sleep leading up to your flight. If you’re travelling long-haul, building in a stopover and getting a night of sleep on the way can make a massive difference to how you feel when you arrive. Be sure to take hand sanitizer with you and wipe down any surfaces that are continually touched- including things like your in-air entertainment, remote, and arm rest.