Top Travel Accessories to Look Good and Travel Well

January 28, 2016

Often when we’re traveling we have a tendency to overpack. After all, you want to be prepared for any situation, whether outdoors, in a fancy restaurant, or relaxing on the beach. But trying to be too prepared can leave us with a bag full of clothes we forget to wear (or don’t need) or worse, paying for extra baggage when we check in for our flights.

However, there are some MUSTO travel accessories that really will help you on your trip, and we’ve found some of the best so you can look good and travel well on your next vacation:

Sleep Phone

Let’s face it, while we like to listen to our own music in bed, on planes and on buses, it can be super hard to sleep with uncomfortable headphones in our ears. These headphones were developed by a family physician to help his patients naturally fall asleep without the aid of drugs, and the headband has built in speakers connecting with your kindle, iPad, iPhone, laptop or tablet speakers to help you chill out on the road.


A hanging washbag

While we’d all like to bring less stuff, you’ve still got to look good while traveling. The hanging washbag have separate compartments for your jewelry, makeup, perfume, face cleanser, shampoo etc, and easily folds up into a small bag which you can carry on or check. The best part is that once you’ve arrived in your hotel you can simply hang it on a door hanger, unfold it, and easily access all of your toiletries.

Worldwide Travel Adaptor

If you’re planning to visit multiple countries or you know you’re the type who travels a lot, it no longer makes sense to buy separate travel adaptors in each county and then be fruitlessly trying to sort out which one to take before you leave. Grab a worldwide plug-in instead, which can be used in more than 150 countries and includes an usb charger so you can charge all of your electronics whenever you get a chance (strategic scouting for plugs at the airport perhaps?)


Travel Hair Straightener

This one’s for the ladies, although if any guys out there like the sound of a portable, cordless hair straightener we won’t judge. You’ll be able to take this super-light straightener anywhere, and since it doesn’t need to be charged for days you may not even need to take its charger. Rest assured that you can curl, straighten, smooth or touch-up your hair wherever you go, even if there’s no electricity.

Passport case

A cool passport case allows you to show off your style and personality while helping you stay organised while traveling. If you’re the type who has that moment of dread before boarding a plane because you’ve got no idea where your boarding pass is, you’re in luck, as many have multiple sleeves for storage- keeping everything you need safe and protected.

This  post was written in association with MUSTO.