Top ways to make travel less stressful

July 06, 2018

Do you love travelling but always seem to end up stressed out and exhausted? While there’s no doubt that travel is rewarding, it can also seem more stressful than it’s worth. Here are some top ways you can make travel less stressful:

Do your research

How often have you booked a trip, arrived in a new destination, and wondered what you should see and do? Research doesn’t have to mean you prebook and plan everything, although a rough itinerary can be helpful and booking in advance can ensure you get tickets to that show or tourist attraction you don’t want to miss.


Make it easy

Some travellers tend to be a little gung ho, insisting on hopping off their flight and immediately navigating the public transport system, or worse, having to find a hotel since they haven’t prebooked anything. Like when you go to a busy tourist destination like Rome, do yourself a favour and use airport transfers in rome. Once you arrive after a long flight and you’re dealing with jetllag, the last thing you’ll want to do is compete for a cab or try to work out how to get to your hotel via a metro and two buses.

Know your rights

There are few things worse than being delayed for hours before a flight. But many people are unaware that they may be eligible for compensation. Particularly if that flight was to or from the EU. Thanks to EU regulations, you may be eligible for 600 euro compensation- even if your flight didn’t cost this much. Do yourself a favour and familiarise yourself with your rights before you book a flight, hotel, or cruise, so if the worst happens you can be your own advocate.

Slow it down

When you’re in a new destination, it can be tempting to try and do and see everything you can. This can quickly lead to burnout, and you likely won’t even remember half of the things you’ve seen. Not to mention, you’ll be returning home feeling like you need a vacation- not ideal.

Instead of trying to fit three countries into three weeks, go for one country, and spend a little more time in each city. You’ll be able to see far more, connect with the locals, and understand the culture more than if you were to try to jampack everything into just a few days.

What are your top tips for making travel less stressful? Leave a comment below and let me know.