Travelling on a budget

April 25, 2019

Travelling is good for the soul. Exploring new countries offers a fantastic insight into different cultures and how other people live. However, while it can make for unforgettable experiences, it can also have a major effect on your bank account.

That said, it doesn’t have to be that way, and there are actually numerous ways of travelling on a budget. These cover everything from accommodation to transport to memorable excursions.


Although the hotel deal you’re looking at may seem cheap, opting for cheap accommodation would be in vain if the hotel is miles out of town. This would require you to pay extra in transportation costs – so, when you’re on the lookout for a hotel, stay in a central area near public transport, local attractions, food outlets and the airport.

It’s also recommended that you stay for more than one night in your hotel. Many accommodation providers offer their best rates to guests who stay for multiple nights – especially in the off-season. Try to stay for three to four nights for the best deal.



If you’re looking for a hire car to get around, often, the least competitive deal might be the one you find on your car rental company’s site. Therefore, look for an aggregator, as aggregators generally offer lower rates than major online agencies.

Of course, if you’re not looking to hire a car, you could always rent a bicycle or walk places. This is an excellent way to keep fit and will also allow you to see more of the city you’re visiting.

For air travel and trains, be sure to book in advance and avoid travel at peak times. When you do book flights, Tuesday is often the cheapest-priced day of the week to travel, due to the low demand for flights on this day.


Many countries are abundant in must-see places of interest, whether they include an art gallery, an ancient temple or one of the natural wonders of the world. Getting to see such landmarks often comes at a price; however, many places of interest also have special offers for tourists and students, so be sure to take full advantage.

Don’t just agree to the first price you’re given in a travel shop. It’s worth visiting other agents, and don’t be embarrassed to haggle – this will often get you a discount, or extra activities included in the price. It’s also worth doing your research; New York’s touching 9/11 Museum has free admission on Tuesday afternoons, and Rome’s breathtaking Colosseum has free entry on the first Sunday of every month.

Once you’re back from your budget travels, your budget mindset should stay with you; it will become apparent that you’re able to do everything else on a budget. This includes travel, cheaper car insurance and even cut-price household repairs.

From budget getaways to Barcelona, to affordable flat roof repairs in Newcastle upon Tyne, to never paying full price in the cinema, a wide range of cost-effective perks will more easily come to your notice.