Using natural light to create a soothing space in the home

October 01, 2018

If we are products of our environment, sometimes it’s no wonder we are nervous wrecks. Surrounded at home by clutter, pattern, noise, screen stimulus, and general chaos, when do we ever get a break?

The answer is to create a bespoke space in the home where you can disappear when the going gets tough, a place that is designed for decompressing, relaxation, chilling out, recharging – whatever you want to call it, we all need some of it from time to time.

If you are lucky, there may be a room in your home to commandeer for a Zen zone. Perhaps it’s a storage room full of junk, or a spare bedroom, even an outdoor shed, but if it is somewhere private, quiet, and calm, then that is a good start.

Home interior 3D rendering

Calm colors

Starting with an empty room is best because you can really see what you are working with. Decorate walls with pale, light-reflective colors that have soothing tones. Avoid patterned wallpaper; instead, opt for pale blues, greens, and creams, which are shades that promote tranquility and boost light levels. It is best to restrict yourself to a limited color palette to keep things balanced.

Keep it natural

Great for elevating our mood, natural light levels are very important in a relaxation zone. For boosted energy levels and feelings of wellbeing, nothing beats the soothing effects of natural light. At windows, optimize illumination by installing sleek wooden window shutters, which can be easily adjusted depending on where the sun is in the sky. Sometimes, you need a blast of light in the room for energy, and other times a more muted atmosphere is required; with adjustable wooden shutters, this flexibility is made simple. Add to that their stylish minimalist lines and the fact that they can be painted to fit any décor, and it’s easy to see why shutters make the perfect Zen zone window treatment.


Keep it simple

Ditch pattern, bold color clashes, and busy designs in favor of muted, natural shades that harmonize with each other. A comfortable reading chair or day bed by the window is a wonderful idea; layer it with throws in natural fabrics and accessorize with plump, soft cushions. If the room is small, do not overfill it with furniture. A small side table, perhaps some shelves for favorite books, space for a yoga mat, and an energizing plant or two are all you need. Banish screens, phones, or communications devices from the room, but allow yourself the luxury of music to relax you if desired.

Positive perfumes

The sensual properties of aromatic, scented candles can soothe away stress and tension. A few scented pillar candles with sage and jasmine fragrance can fill a room with warm undertones that really lift the spirit. Other soothing aromatic scents that work magic on tired souls include lavender, frankincense, bergamot, and vetiver, either delivered via incense, room diffusers, or candles.

Follow these easy tips and you can achieve a soothing sanctuary that encourages relaxation on all sensory levels. It’s the perfect home decorating project for anyone who needs more light, balance, and calm in their life.