Virtual Reality Slots: Gaming or Gambling

September 30, 2020

Virtual reality is changing the online gambling industry. To play your favorite slot games at new Virtual Reality (VR) casinos you can check out Topp Spilleautomater. However, due to the nature of virtual reality slots there is some debate around whether virtual reality slots should be regarded as gaming or gambling. Find below our verdict on whether virtual reality slots should be seen as gaming or gambling.

What Are Virtual Reality Slots?

In order to explain what virtual reality slots are we first need to explain how virtual reality casinos work. Virtual reality casinos are similar to regular online casinos in most aspects. However, they make use of virtual reality to enhance the gaming experience. This essentially means that players are able to play in their own virtual casino, which features 360° video and great 3D graphics. Additionally, they also allow you to play with real money in a rather realistic VR environment.

Virtual reality slots are just slots that can be played at virtual reality casinos. Virtual reality allows players to make their way around the casino (as they would a land-based casino) and choose whatever games they would like to play. Essentially they find themselves in a simulated casino.

One of the main concerns players have with regard to playing VR slots is the hardware needed. In order to play virtual reality slots, you need to have a virtual reality headset. Even though you could possibly play without one, it’s not recommended as you won’t be getting the full VR experience. Then you would also need a computer and a keyboard or gaming controller.

Gaming or Gambling?

In order to determine whether VR slots fall under gaming or gambling, both of these terms would need to be explained.


Simply put, gambling is when you risk money by playing games of chance in the hopes of winning money. The outcome of a gambling game cannot be predicted; sometimes you leave with less than you came with (or nothing at all) and other times you walk away with more than you could have hoped for. Gambling can take many forms, including slots.


The word gaming is most commonly used to refer to playing electronic or video games on gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, or even a personal computer. It is interesting to note that the term gaming originally appeared as a synonym for gambling, even though it does not involve gambling in the traditional sense of the word.

The Verdict

After looking at the above definitions of the terms gaming and gambling it is clear that Virtual Reality slots draw from both. Slots can be viewed as gaming due to the fact that it is essentially a “video game” that can be played on a personal computer. It also requires many of the hardware that you would need for gaming, including a headset.

The nature of virtual reality slots and slots in general, makes it undeniably gambling. When you play Virtual Reality slots you essentially place a bet (risk money), playing a game of chance in the hopes of winning money. This is almost the exact definition of gambling. It is this safe to say that VR slots constitute both gaming and gambling.