Visiting Gran Canaria? Make Sure To Indulge In These Activities

February 25, 2015

Are you looking to escape the daily hustles of modern life to some peaceful, exotic location? Well, holidays are perfect for individuals who want to unwind and relax without worrying about a thing, and Gran Canaria is one of the best year round destinations. The following are some of the must indulge activities while there:


Camel riding

Though not in Africa, Gran Canaria also offers fun camel-riding adventures at Maspalomas, which has a background featuring a series of small mountains that resemble the Sahara Desert. While here, you can saddle up your camel and join other adventurers on a swaying convoy of camels trekking across the dunes. The venture will also reveal to you some of the area’s most breathtaking views set against the desert landscape, with the glittering waters of the Atlantic lining the horizon.

Palmitos Park

Palmitos Park is a must visit if you love wildlife. Situated close to Maspalomas, it is a popular spot among locals and hosts wild animals, fish, and birds. Among its highlights are orang-utans, which can usually be seen swinging from branch to branch, toucans and Komodo dragons, which love to bask on the rocky boulders. The bird-shows are a must watch. They feature eagles performing unbelievable aerial stunts, and bright coloured macaws and parrots walking tight ropes and playing funny tricks. Palmitos Park also has a tropical river which has over four thousand fluorescent fish.


Museo Elder de la Ciencia y la Tecnología

The Museo Elder de la Ciencia y la Tecnología is a science and technology establishment that showcases some fascinating technological items. Located close to Parque Santa Catalina, it is housed in a revamped warehouse, and is bound to be an especially great treat if you are into technological things. While here, you can learn how satellites are sent into orbit, pilot a fighter plane, and even check out the programming aspects of a robotic arm. The museum also has a small theatre, which regularly features technology themed 3D films.

Enjoy the Carnival

If you happen to visit Gran Canaria in the months of February and March, and particularly Las Palmas, it will be hard to miss the Carnival, which is characterised by several weeks of crazy celebrations and fancy dressing. The bulk of the festivities take place in Parque de Santa Catalina on a huge outdoor space.


Gran Canaria offers a lot of activities to indulge. The aforementioned are just a few of the best. Overall, it is a great destination for a relaxing holiday.