Ways to Treat Your Children Without Leaving Home

October 03, 2020

You might run out of ways to treat your children at home. You’ve been under quarantine for quite some time now. You couldn’t take them elsewhere to have fun or be with friends. When your children are starting to lose motivation, you need to be more creative. Otherwise, they won’t do the necessary tasks such as homework and household chores. These tips could be useful in treating your children without leaving home. 

Allow them to order dinner

You relied on food delivery apps in the past months since you couldn’t eat out. You also don’t want to spend too much time cooking if you have a lot of other things to do. Of course, you still want to ensure that you’re eating healthy dishes. Your family needs to stay healthier to fight the possible viral infection. However, as a reward to your children for doing a good job at school, you can allow them to decide what’s for dinner. If you already promised to do so, you have to stand by it. Even if you disagree with the food choices, you shouldn’t change them.

Let them play longer than usual

Your children might also enjoy playing video games since they can’t be physically close to their friends. You dislike it since video games take precious time away from studies. However, if they excelled in a recent test or followed your orders related to household chores, you should give them more time to play. It will encourage the children to do better next time.

Buy a relaxing tub

You can also buy something for your home that everyone can enjoy. A relaxing tub is one of them. Freestanding baths are a great idea, as they allow your entire family to enjoy themselves and take a break from work. You can also let your children enjoy bathing under your supervision. It might be expensive, but worth the price. If it helps strengthen your bond as a family, you shouldn’t hesitate about getting one. 

Give them sweet treats

You might ban your children from eating sweet treats. They might have a toothache. They will also experience a sugar rush and won’t calm down. Therefore, sweet treats are a perfect reward if your children did something great. They will enjoy the treat and it will make them feel motivated to do better next time. As long as you give them these treats in moderation, it’s okay. 

Important tip

There’s nothing wrong with giving rewards to children who do something remarkable. Whether it’s about household chores or academics, you need to make them feel special. It motivates them to do better next time. However, it would help if you always made these rewards proportional to the chores or achievements. Don’t take it a step further or the other treats won’t matter in the future. You should also use punishments for terrible behaviour. In the long run, though, you shouldn’t always rely on this method to reinforce or discourage actions. Children should have an internal motivation to do what’s right.