Welcome to the Mayan Riviera

May 04, 2015

Cancun is fourteen miles of pristine beaches and the gateway to the Mayan World. It is one of Mexico’s best beach vacation destinations with a wide selection of luxury and budget hotels and easy access to some of the most amazing ancient archeological sites in the world. Whether you want to view the underground river that runs the length of the Yucatan Peninsula lay on the beach with a cold drink or party the night through, you can save money on hotels in Cancun with a little advanced planning.


Hotels on the Beach

Most of the hotels are on the narrow strip of land that makes the stem of the number seven. This island is connected to the mainland by two bridges. There are budget options right on the beach in small boutique hotels and in the large hotel chains. If you are willing to live a little distance from the beach, you can get even better deals.

Luxury hotels are mostly located at the end of the island or Hotel Zone. These hotels have on-site spas, fitness centers, children’s activities and all types of watersports. They provide several excellent restaurants. There are also adults-only luxury hotels that focus on providing you a great romantic getaway.

Vacation Rentals

For families, vacation rentals can be much cheaper than hotels, and they have fully equipped kitchens, so you can save on food costs. There are also cheap condos on the Hotel Zone as well as apartments for lease. Many have swimming pools and hot tubs, TVs, DVD players and Internet connections.

There are also local independent and boutique hotels that offer excellent amenities and service. Some are all-inclusive and a good option for families.

When to Visit Cancun

The high season is during the winter with the lowest temperatures between December and February. Cancun is a popular destination for Spring Break revelers, so the hotel rates may go up in March. There are fewer visitors from April to June, so the hotel prices are lower at that time. The amazing beaches and turquoise water may be the top attraction, but there are other things to do in the area. If you visit between mid-May and mid-September you may have the opportunity to swim with whale sharks near the Island of Mujeres.

What are the Local Attractions

There are a few archeological sites from the Mayan culture near Cancun. The most famous and one you shouldn’t miss is Chichen Itza. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the home of the famous Kukulkan Pyramid and much more. Just 117 miles west of Cancun, you can make it a day trip or spend the night in one of the nearby cheap hotels. You should plan on spending at least a half-day there to see everything. There’s a small beach and cafe nearby. Another fascinating site is Tulum, which is about 82 miles south of Cancun. It has a Mayan fortress overlooking the sea.

A modern, man-made site on the Island of Mujeres is a sculpture garden submerged near the reefs with more than 400 sculptures. If diving isn’t your thing, you can see the garden in a glass-bottom boat.

Cancun has been developed as a beach vacation destination, and every effort has been made for you to find a hotel that fits your travel budget.

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